30 emcees, 5 boroughs of New York, 1 hip-hop classic!

Artist : Ultra X
Title : Taste the X
Catalog Number : BHH2059

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Day In The Life by Ultra X feat. DVS & Kandice Kane

Ultra X - Taste the X is a collective of MC's from the 5 boroughs of New York produced by super-producer Sapone aka The Moleman. Sapone is what Rick Rubin was in the 80's, one part rock and one part hip-hop. Sapone produced the remix of "By the Time I Get to Arizona" on the new Revolverlution CD by Public Enemy (The Source Magazine calls Sapone's remix "By far the best on the LP"). Sapone produced the rock group Brand New (Your Favorite Weapon) and has also worked with Taking Back Sunday, Movielife and members of Glassjaw and Saves The Day. For the Taste the X hip-hop project Sapone teamed up with Artist/Co-Executive Producer Kna-Lo to bring together a group of rappers who have their own claims to fame. Royal Flush appeared on Mic Geronimo's heralded debut LP The Natural as well as releasing his own underground solo album Ghetto Millionaire (featuring Noreaga, Buckwild and Mr. Cheeks). Ancient Coins are Wu Tang affilliates, they also appear on the latest Sunz of Man album and Armel from Ancient Coins is on the new album from GZA. DVS is member of the supergroup Shadow Gov't (Shadow Gov't includes Producer Phantom of the Beats who produced for Busta, Ghostface and most recently Lil Kim and 50 Cent). Lordroc recently released an independent single titled "Too HOT" featuring Capone & Royal Flush (produced by the legendary Marley Marl). Johnny Blanco's debut album Y'All About To See featured Styles P, Sticky Fingaz of Onyx and Craig Mack. With over 30 quality New York MC's spittin' rhymes over Sapone's fresh production, songs from Taste the X are bound to be heard on the radio, in the clubs and throughout the streets.

Track Listing
1. I Want It - Big Trip
2. Games Cold - Kliff & Lo
3. What We Do - Dove, Don P
4. She - Ancient Coins
5. Where U At - Lordroc, Royal Flush, Jnyce
6. This One - Corleone, Jnyce, Big Trip, Tony Castro, CJ
7. Skit
8. Gangsta Baby - Midnight Blue, Royal Flush, Kandice Kane a.k.a. Vendetta
9. Movin - AK
10. Raised Up Sinnin - Kliff & Lo
11. Skit
12. Day In The Life - DVS and Kandice Kane a.k.a. Vendetta
13. Break Em - Street Legacy (Marc May, P.S., Massyah, Live One, Schultz, Genghis)
14. We Roll We Ride - Ill-Lia, Big Trip, Dove, Johnny Blanco
15. Crime Pays - 135, A Dot B, DVS
16. Gonna Be Good - Kna-Lo, Marc May
17. Change - Massyah, Don P
18. Jealousy - Glasha, Dove
19. War - Midnight Blue, Al Ferguson, Starchild

What rapattacklives.com had to say about Ultra X
What's upper!  I've gotta give props to my dawg outta the Yay area, David Paul from the Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine & Bomb Hip-Hop Records. I've known this guy for about 15 years now, from his days dj'ing at KCSF to when he put out his first issue of the Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine. He was one of the first dj's to show me & Mix-A-Lot love on the airwaves & he always showed up at our concerts when we threw down in the Bay. If anyone's been true & keeping it real in this hip-hop biz, David Paul ranks up in the Top 10. To make a long story short, log onto his website & you can see for yourself what I'm talkin' about at: WWW.BOMBHIPHOP.COM. I just got laced with an album I feel is one of the phattest new & dopest new ish to drop in 2003. The project is Ultra X & the album is entitled "Taste The X" (Bomb Hip-Hop Records). The sticker on the album cover says it all, "If you Bump music from Biggie/50 Cent/Wu-Tang/Missy Elliott/Jay-Z/DMX-YOU'LL LOVE THIS CD!" And boy did I love this cd. Ultra X has all the ingredients of a HIT hip-hop album & hip-hop artists. The flows are catchy and the production by super-producer Sapone is tight. Labels lookin' to sign a project that's gonna get love on the radio, clubs & retail, you gotta check out Ultra X.