DJ T-Rock's dvd SIKINTHEHED is now available for purchase on this site. You might remember T-Rock from his debut album Who's Your Daddy that he did with Bomb Hip-Hop (the one with the red tricyle) or from seeing him on tour with us. This Visual aid to his second album with the same title took 3 years to make, director Larry Morris just insisted on adding more! Only limited copies of the album version were pressed in the past due to the bankruptcy the distributor that T-Rock released this album with. However, the dvd definitely makes up for the lost time. The dvd includes high quality MP3's of all 24 Tracks on the album! DVD features include individual music video's for tracks with alternate angles and alternate audio as well. Also included is the short film "G.E.O.B." filmed on location in New York City, T-Rocks routine practice sessions titled "Akrobatik Fingers Sessions", and his pre european tour footage.

Over 2 hours of cool visuals and music! $20 each in the US/Canada (price includes shipping & handling), $23 Everywhere Else in the World (price includes shipping & handling).

$20 US/Canada (price includes shipping & handling)
$23 Everywhere else in the world (price includes shipping & handling)