What year and how old were you when you started DJing? What inspired you and what type of music did you play?

It was back in the spring of 1994, I was 17. I was inspired by everything around hip hop at that time, I had already done breakdancing, graf and emceed so this was the final thing that I had always wanted to do, which by the way also costs the most money to get into and do. I was always playing the best stuff from that time, old, new, eastcoast, westcoast, all the gems that I still love today.

Are there any records from when you first started DJing that you still play today?

I still play half of them. All the golden age Public Enemy stuff, NWA then the prime time of 92 -94 katz like Hiero and Freestyle Fellowship, there's no way I could ever be sick of that stuff EVER.

What is the largest amout of money that you spent on a single piece of vinyl and what record was it?

I don't think I've ever spent a lot of money on one record. I've worked in a record store for around 7 years so I'm always digging. Maybe like 30 bucks or something but that's not a lot compared to what I've seen peoplepay for wax. I believe if you want it, you'll find it for a reasonable price.

What cartridges do you use?

Shure M447

What DJ mixer do you use?

Vestax 07 Pro

When you go to a party approx. how many records do you bring?

It all depends, but usually I like to bring around 2 crates, you can never have too much wax at a show, you might want to really flip it and rip it and then you'll have the option to do so.

What is the wildest thing that has happened at a gig?

It's a toss up between some psycho emcee jumping over the turntables at a battle and wanting to fight me (I had him pinned against the wall with one arm while I held up one of the turntables from falling with the other arm and kept a crate of wax from spilling off of a bench with one leg....Do the words 'Someone want to give me a hand?!?!?" mean anything). Also, I stripped down to just my boxers at one show and kept playing all normal, thing was, the tables were right in the way of my boys so it looked like I was naked. The crowd loved it and the show was hype. I party rocked it but totally ripped it up at the sametime, kinda freaked peeps out a little but I got mad respect for just doing whatever I feel.

What direction do you see DJing going in?

I think it will go any direction you want it too. If you have an idea for it, it will be done. There's nothing a DJ/tablist cannot do.

What direction do you see scratching/turntablism going in?

Same as above. I've played with live groups, dj crews, solo artists (musicians, singers, emcees etc...) and I don't think there are any boundaries. I guess the only thing that holds a tablist back is themselves (or their ego).

Which current DJ's do you like right now?

That's a list that is always expansive for me. Koala is always on my watch out radar. A-Trak cause he's always doing 5 million new routines. Z-Trip, Mix Master Mike, Q (I know he's always up to something!). I know these guys aren't all the new and current but they're who I always watch for.

What can people expect from you on the Return of the DJ Tour?

Just straight up rocking it. Live raw energy. I'll bring it all and that's what I always do. I love what I do and it usually transfers over with the crowd. I like such a diverse amount of music and have always tried to play different sets with different ideas so that's what I'll be doing. I like to show all sides of a dj/tablist with rockin sets, kuts, juggles the whole nine but still keep the party vibe so the show isn't just a stand around and watch event. Word!