Return of the DJ : Battle DJ Supplement - DJ Shortfuse
Released November 2002
battle break record
Catalog # : BHH2055

DJ Shortfuse is a seasoned veteran in the turntablist community for over 8 years. With tracks on Bomb's Return of the DJ Vol 4 and HipHopSlam's Global Turntables compilation he is well versed in the knowledge of what turntablists want and how to make a REAL battle record. Tired of the same old samples and boring beats Shortfuse designed this record as the ultimate in battle toolz weaponry, made by a turntablist for turntablists!

The first side is strictly for turntablists and skratchaholics. With a rhythm beat opening up the first side, this track is designed to teach turntablists how to cut more rhythmically over a different style pattern of a beat. It forces the user to really work as one with the music using flow and combinations. There is also over 3 minutes of skratch sentences with lots of new sounds, word play and beat patterns along with some of the favorite standard samples as well. There also is approximately 2 minutes of 2 bar beat percussions - perfect for beat juggling or beat creation. Every pattern in this section contains different style drums and sounds so it can be utilized by turntablists or producers. The first side of this record also contains 4 skipless skratch sentences, 1 skipless drum loop and a evil saw tooth bass tone.

The flip side of this record has 5 super produced and engineered beats on it guaranteeing the ultimate in sound quality whether battling, skratching or remixing. All five of the beats have very distinct styles of their own too: electro, juggle beat, old skool, funky and evil electronic. All of the beats have been programmed and produced, so they're not just loops, they have lots of change ups, breakdowns and switches. No matter how this record is used, it is the highest in quality and style, giving it's user maximum potential and endless possibilities.