REVENGE OF THE B-BOY : EPISODE 2 - Various Artists
Released May 2002
Double Vinyl & Compact Disc

Catalog # : BHH2048

What Bomb's Return of the DJ is to scratching Revenge of the B-Boy is to breaking, part chronicle and part manifesto. Revenge of the B-Boy : Episode 2 (attack of the toyz), the sequel to the 1999 released Revenge of the B-Boy, takes you back to the days of fat laces, Adidas warm-ups and boom boxes the size of Montana. The album features 12 newly recorded, old-school pop-locking grooves from an assortment of international producers and DJ's from Switzerland, the U.K., Australia, Canada and the US. With tracks designed to inspire the dancer in everyone Revenge 2 cracks the mold of current compilations appeasing turntablists or rap music fans, instead the songs on Revenge 2 are much more attuned to the rhythms of body movement. These custom made anthems fuse breakbeat, hip-hop, jazz, electro, turntablism and 60's soul to create an album not just to be heard, but felt.

The rumors are true: breaking (b-boying/breakdancing) is still immensely popular throughout the world. Breaking's popularity is easy to understand, it's still the purest expression of hip-hop culture, and when done properly, it's almost balletic (not to mention incredibly athletic).

With the recent 80's style resurgence in fashion and music this release is poised to be the soundtrack of the summer. "Freestyle Rock" by the U.K.'s Wristerons segues electro & miami freestyle and DJ Grand Supreme All-Mighty Wizard Danielson from Australia gets funky on his 8+ minute retro megamix "Shure Shot Body Rock". Standout classic breaking tracks include "Bootsale Beats" by Dr. Rubberfunk vs. Zilla, DJ Bombjack's pulsating "B-Boys Rock", Def Cut's overly club electro tune "Battlezone 2000" and Hydroponic Sound System's wandering jazz rhythms on "Blue Notes 4 the Puma Set". This truly is a fun, eclectic album reminescent of past music styles injected with current beats looped up and edited within milliseconds of any rhythm. And rhythm is an essential requirement if you want to get down with the masses of B-Boys and B-Girls around the world who happily throw themselves around on linoleum or cardboard sheets. If you're not up to that, you can always slip in the CD and practice at home.

track listing
01. Bootsale Beats - Dr. Rubberfunk vs. Zilla U.K.
Blue Notes 4 the Puma Set - Hydroponic Sound System (turntable by Rerog) USA
03. Battlezone 2000 (electrozone remix) - Def Cut Switzerland
04. Floor Sweep - Dropsense USA
05. B-Boys Rock - DJ Bombjack U.K.
06. Born to Be - Ame 109 Canada
07. B-Boy Contortionist - Idiot Proof (Blaze & DJ Rip One) Australia
08. Step Up! - Mr. Wiz U.K.
09. Dazzling Urbanite - D.J. Ill Media USA
10. Freestyle Rock - Wristerons U.K.
11. Unbreakable - Morphiend Music USA
12. Shure Shot Body Rock - DJ Grand Supreme All-Mighty Wizard Danielson Australia