INSTANT RAP STAR - Bas-1 and Fanatik / with THE MASTER - Paul Nice & Stimulus
Released May 2002

Catalog # : BHH2049

INSTANT RAP STAR - Bas-1 & Fanatik (vocal and instrumental)
side b THE MASTER (REDUX) - Stimulus & Paul Nice (vocal and instrumental)

The 12" single Instant Rap Star by Bas-1 is taken from the full length compilation The Real Deal which tells the truth about record companies. It reveals the corrupt music industry! The creative packaging on the 12" jacket will receive more than a second glance in record stores. On the front cover are cut-out paper dolls. Anyone can build their own "Instant Rap Star", either an old skool rapper or a bling bling rapper can be dressed with cut out clothes. The back of the 12" jacket features a thought provoking article written by Wendy Day from the Rap Coalition titled "Why Rappers Aren't Millionaires".

Bay Area rap legend Bas-1 from the Style Elements crew breaks down the music industry in a comedic but serious look at the record business on the A side. In Instant Rap Star Bas-1 takes on the personality of three characters. One character, Pierre Delacuar helps record labels build instant rap stars by preparing the artist. Another character, a record company marketing executive, builds the artists' career, and then there is the A&R executive who treats the artists like dirt when their careers hit rock bottom.

“First, know that we’re in control
we have anaylists, who study this
they have degrees in business
now you’re probably thinking you’re gonna wear
Sean John or Fubu
ahh ahh, we got a new line, Dumb-Sick-Doo-Doo
and our people say that it’s hot on the streets
they’ll have you fitted from your head to your feet
it’s all been arranged, your first song will have a video
where you’ll be chillin’ in a Range, you’ll have hoes galore
we’ve even arranged, for you to be blinging
you know, rocking the platinum chains
First, college marketers will put you on the charts
that’s usually how the industry stuff starts
you’re the new guy, so don’t trip we’ll supply...
the girls, the crib and whatever drug to get you high
3 months will pass by
but that’s when we’ll put you into late night rotation
on the commercial radio stations
by then, the cash will be sinked in, no DJ’s will be hating
we know all the program directors”
- BAS-1 (Instant Rap Star)

The b-side of this imaginative single features The Master (Redux) by the East Coast duo of Stimulus & Paul Nice. Brooklyn rapper Stimulus rhymes in a bouncy cadence over the tight beat production and Paul even get's nice on the turntables during the chorus. Paul Nice last had a hit on Bomb Hip-Hop Records with Definition of Nice. That single featured AG (Showbiz & AG, DITC), Gennessee, and scratching by world famous Beat Junkie DJ Babu (Dilated Peoples). Up and coming dj/producer Paul Nice has done production for Masta Ace (Don't Understand featuring Greg Nice), Biz Markie (Turn the Party Out on Groove Attack), Guru (Gang Starr), Swollen Members, Grand Agent, Rasco and Foreign Legion among others.