Artist: Carlos Mena
Title: Hip-Hop Meditations
Label: CasaMena/Bomb Hip-Hop
Catalog Number: BHH2066
Configuration: Compact Disc
Release Date: in stores now!
File Under: Hip-Hop "M"

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$18.00 Worldwide (price includes international shipping & handling)

cd track listing
01. Introducing Solrac (for Eleggua)
02. Auction Block (featuring Nonameko)
03. Lucumi Song (Canto para Eleggua)
04. God Is You
05. Yemaya Meditation No. 1
06. Walking in the Light
07. I.T.I.S.I.N.Y.O.U. (featuring Suashia)
08. Obatala Meditation No. 2
09. Nine Haikus
10. Orisha Drink (Voices in my Head)
11. Sheets of Sound (for Coltrane)
Buscando Luz
13. Eggun Meditation No. 3
14. Red, White, and Blue
15. Crossroads
16. Breathe Meditation No. 4
17. Bonus Track

Oakland’s Hip-Hop Slam Poet and MC Carlos Mena brings together an amalgamation of MCs, poets and musicians for his stellar solo debut album Hip-Hop Meditations, a joint release by his own CASAMENA record label and Bomb Hip-Hop. This former leader of the bay area legendary hip-hop crew, 10BASS T (Lollapalooza Tour, Ubiquity Recordings), delivers a record to live with. Carlos broadens your mind and connects with your soul by encompassing his thought provoking rhymes, organic production, and deep spoken word and meditative chants all under one cohesive roof. This album is truly a journey and the documentation of Carlos’ spiritual awakening over the last two years.

Throughout this journey Carlos delivers soul-filled and melodic hip-hop jams, such as, "Walking in the Light" featuring MC AngelEye and "Buscando Luz" featuring Speech of the Grammy award winning and 5x Platinum selling group Arrested Development. Included on the album are four beautiful meditation tracks, which fuse traditional African bata drums, (used in Lucumi/Santeria "Orisha worship") and help you relax and make peace with yourself. Spoken word poetry is also showcased and truly paints pictures like "Sheets of Sound (for Coltrane)" and "Red, White and Blue" featuring Suashia. These different elements combined doesn’t make this release sound like your average hip-hop album, but then again Carlos Mena is not your average hip-hop artist. His influences and background span from house to dancehall, to afro-cuban as well as poetry and obviously hip-hop. Unlike your typical misogynistic hip-hop album, Carlos features many talented female artists like AngelEye, Suashia, Evelyn Crespo-Mena, Gabrilla Ballard, Rosa Parilla, and CASAMENA recording artist Noñameko in a very positive light.

Light up your incense, close your eyes, and dive into the sounds of Carlos Mena’s Hip-Hop Meditations.