Released September 2002
Compact Disc
Catalog # : BHH2051

Music lovers tired of ‘rappers’ will appreciate the slammin’ hip-hop beats, heavy bass lines and funky rhythms on this mostly instrumental 18 track CD (only 6 tracks contain vocals). "I'm doing music now that is truly close to my heart. All my influences can be heard on Chillonometry, Jazz, Soul, Funk and Dub, but all flavoured with hip-hop, the music I've grown up with and love" - MDX

track listing

01. Narcotic Pt. 1
02. Breathe With The Plants featuring L.P.
03. Queasy Listening
04. Me I Keep It Real
05. Things That I See featuring Tenor Fly, Sandino, Mercee
06. Fall of Hyperion
07. Rise of Endyion
08. Swimmer Girl featuring Jo Morgan
09. Prima Amor
10. Whatever featuring L.P., Navigator, T.C. Islam
11. Narcotic Pt. 2
12. Golem
13. Melting of the Minds
14. Show Me featuring William George
15. Reasons to be Fearful Pt. 1
16. Reasons to be Fearful Pt. 2
17. Beatologists Lounge
18. E.I.E. featuring Voyager

Mad Doctor X has previously released material on Ninja Tune (with his DJ Toolz series and London Funk Allstars project), recorded and toured under the alias of 'Funk Wizard Jay Rock' and later 'Jason Rockwell III' for the Freestylers (Freskanova), has done remixes for the Freestylers & De La Soul among others and has released two independent Mad Doctor X albums in the UK. Mad Doctox X is now taking appointments in the US at his Chillonometry office. Doctor assistants include vocalists Tenorfly, Voyager, Jo Morgan, T.C. Izlam, William George, Navigator, DJ L.P., and a host of talented musicians including Joe Henson and Vibrophonics Roger Beaujolais plus office design by Australian graphic artist Damian 'Pitty The Kidd' Pitman.