Released April 1999
Double Vinyl & CD

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One of the UK's most long lived hip-hop crews since 1987. After contributing the joint "Raised In Rhythm" to the 1997 Bomb compilation "Bomb Worldwide" the UK rap duo Krispy were signed for a full length album. This US full length release prompted widescale acclaim from both US and European press alike, featuring impressive cameos from Rootz Manuva and Huntkillbury Finn.


Still going strong since 1989, one of the UK's most long-lived duos, Krispy, are back! Microphone D.O.N. and Mr. Wiz have been consistently releasing powerful, honest hip-hop for the past nine years. Beginning in 1989 with "Comin Thru Clear" Krispy  have trademarked and built on their own original sound, bringing 
over 15 releases to the table; including 3 EP's, 1 full length album and numerous singles.

Their constant presence in the U.K. and European markets has brought much success since the earliest days; with constant radio play across the board, including specially recorded Radio 1 Sessions, tours of the U.K. with groups such as Naughty By Nature and headlining their own jams across Germany, Austria, 
Switzerland and appearances in Paris & Edinburgh.

Tracks such as "Destroy All The Stereotypes" (91), "On Tempo" (94) and "Takin It Easy" (95) have sold thousands of copies and won respect for the group from an incredibly diverse audience, allowing their sound to cross easily from the street level todaytime airplay without compromising.

After contributing the joint "Raised In Rhythm" to the 97 compilation "Bomb Worldwide", Bomb Hip-Hop Records signed the group and the long awaited second LP "From The Country" will be available from the San Francisco based label in February of 99. This will be Krispy's much anticipated American debut. The album 
has all the hallmarks of another classic Krispy collaboration, continuing the familiar fat beats and down-to-earth lyrical attitude with a harder 99 edge. Boasting guest appearances from Roots Manuva and I.G. Culture's One Drop Click, amongst others, this project has something for everyone whether it's laid back, 
uptempo, dealing with serious issues or just dropping styles, "From The Country" should satisfy even the most hardened critic.

Discography Coming Through Clear 1989 7 inch single Coming Through Clear/Natch It Up 1990 12 inch single Destroy All The Stereotypes/The Sound 1991 12 inch single Don't Be Misled 1991 4 track EP Krispy 3 1993 9 track CD Pop Like Bubblegum 1993 12 inch single Can't Melt The Wax 1993 LP On Tempo 1994 12 inch single Herd Out Da Gate 1994 5 track EP Who Ya Know 1994 12 inch single Nowadays 1994 12 inch white label Takin It Easy 1995 12 inch single Why?! 1996 12 inch single Raised In Rhythm 1997 from the "Bomb Worldwide" compilation LP Bad 2 Worse/Kick Up Dust 1998 12 inch US single Cross the Border/Microphone D.O.N. 1998 12 inch US single Album Track Listing 01. On The Scene Again 02. Outta Town 03. Raised In Rhythm 04. Cross The Border 05. Takin It Easy 06. It Ain't All About Rap 07. Trade Study 08. Here Come The Drums 09. Bad 2 Worse 10. Why?! 11. Home Alone 12. After Dark 13. True To The Game 14. Kick Up Dust 15. Microphone D.O.N. 16. Gettin' Loose