Highlights from the RETURN OF THE DJ TOUR

photos by Timi D

DJ T-Rock

AlesOne, Teeko and Spair

Quest & T-Rock

On behalf of dj's Quest, T-Rock, Pone, Cheap Cologne and myself I would like to thank everyone that came out to our 2003 shows in San Francisco, Oklahoma City, Lafayette, New Orleans, Houston and Dallas. Also mad shouts to all the dj's that performed with us as well in each city. We had a great time partying with all of y'all! We'll be back out on tour in March.

Highlights of the tour include:

The waitress at Hooters in OKC working overtime to save up for a keg. "Are y'all like rave dj's" she said. "Nope... hip-hop dj's". She then moved her hands like she was scratching and saying "you mean like chicka chicka whah". Uh, yep, that's it.

At the Oklahoma show there were these 3 hotties sitting to the side all night. I went over and gave them some CD samplers and one girl asked "when are y'all gonna play some hip-hop?" Uh..." we've been playing hip-hop for the last 2 hours" I say. "Can you play something we can dance to, can y'all play some Ludacriss?" Sorry, wrong party girls. But they still stayed til the end which was mad cool.

Travelling from OKC to Lafayette we stop in Shreveport at a gas station. Coming out of the store I don't see the curb and snap my ankle inwards and tip over and slam on the hard concrete. My ankle puffs out like a baseball. We slap a bag of ice on it and eventually find an emergency room. Two hours laters my foot is wrapped and my left arm is in a splint. Props out to Dr. Gallagher for getting me out the door quick enough so we could make the show that night in Lafayette. For the rest of the tour I was hobbling around with a cane and DJ'ing one handed style... the show must go on! Since I didn't have insurance my emergency billwas $1,200 so if you want to make a donation to the Dave Fall fund please go to our online store and buy something from Bomb Hip Hop. Thank you.

DJ Pone's Top 9 quotations from the tour:

1. "Hip hop DJ? You mean 'wicky wicky waah'?" - our Hooters server

2. "Senior Citizens - Two For the Price of One" - Denny's

3. "Why your boy gotta make us look bad?" - OK City breakers in response to DJ Pone's mix set

4. "It's over on Bercoonz road." - Locals of "Shepherd", LA (Shreveport), who gave us directions to the emergency room (on Bert Koons Expressway).

5. "I feel like I'm going to cry." - Unnamed person whom had to be persuaded to pay us on the tour.

6. "Wooooooo!" - Apparently, what they holler in Lafayette, LA after anyone does anything close to cool. We had to say this many times during the trip.

7. "Bomb Hip Hop rocks!" - various people in New Orleans, including a lady decked out in 19th century French gear, and a drunk white guy with an afro on Bourbon street.

8. "Fuck You!" and the middle finger - From various strippers wandering outside their clubs on Bourbon Street while I tried to videotape them. Like I'm going to make a "Girls Gone Wild" video. Actually, the footage is going to the Bomb ROTDJ DVD!

9. Anal Ease - Dope fader lubricant (heh heh) that Cheap Cologne saw at a Houston smoke shop.

DJ Pone's Top 9 events from the tour:

1. Kicking off the tour by being greeted in Oklahoma City by a lady at the intersection who opens her car door, and pours out a hospital basin full of urine. Hello Pee Lady!

2. Finding out the what's hot in the club scene from our gracious Hooters hostess in Oklahoma City. Apparently it's not hip hop, but it's 25 cent beer night.

3. Discovering a white slavery ring, being run by a mullet-wigged lady at Denny's. Apparently, you can get senior citizens - at the bargain price of two for the price of one!

4. David Paul taking an unfortunate spill at a Shreveport, LA gas station, and the ensuing drama in trying to locate an emergency room. Also, getting kicked out of the emergency room by the husky orderly for trying to videotape David Paul suffering through the pain in the emergency room.

5. Being treated to the VIP room (complete with brew and sushi) at one of the biggest clubs in Louisiana. And almost not getting paid.

6. Hitting up Bourbon Street, New Orleans, and being treated to the joyful scent of urine, indignant strippers ready to flip you off, warm 32 oz. cups of beer, MCs asking "who wants to get laid tonight" while singing Nelly, and at the end of Bourbon Street, running into the biggest shirtless party outside of Folsom Street, San Francisco.

7. Having time to enjoy the wonderful Cajun cuisine of the central swamps of Louisiana. You can't easily forget a plateful of catfish, frog legs, and alligator. Hey, Quest ate a whole plateful of alligator!

8. Gonzo of Aerosol Warfare in Houston, TX going all out to treat our small group well - on limited notice, getting us a show, accomodations, AND dope T-shirts! And getting paid!

9. Finishing off the tour by seeing a fire dance from Windy (the bartender) of Crave, in the Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX. After a full night of bartender duties, she went out and gave us a show! Thanks.