National Release of new cd Playtight March 9th, 2004
West Coast and East Coast Tour coming in May 2004

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Foreign Legion
are much like fellow West Coast hip-hop outfits such as Jurassic 5 or Ugly Duckling, the Bay Area trio known collectively as Foreign Legion base their style on a back-to-basics, no-nonsense interpretation of old skool values and aesthetics. Foreign Legion formed in 1998 and quickly gained a large underground street following in Northern California. FL’s considerable reach to points far beyond the Bay began with the 2000 debut Kidnapper Van (Beats to Rock to While Bike-Stealin) and a corresponding world tour. Kidnapper Van reached 10,000 in worldwide sales and the album’s first single, Full Time B-Boy (ABB) continues to be universally recognized as an underground hip hop anthem.

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A hybrid of Gang Starr's Moment of Truth and Pharcyde's Bizarre Ride, FL's album Kidnapper Van (Beats to Rock While Bike-Stealing) was an all-out manifesto. It transcended the stylistic doldrums that plagued the greater portion of hip-hop creators. And even more importantly, it possessed an ideological resolve that injected hope into a reeling genre. Kidnapper Van's greatest quality, however, was its recognition of hip-hop's self-accountability. In "Underground," an open letter to underground and retro rappers, FL fondly recalls a moment in hip-hop history when MCs could "keep it real/[But also] keep it skilled still." It contends that Old School cannot be reduced to self-conscious pandering to anti-pop sentiments or rhymes about basketball games and block parties. With the affirmation "we can get down but not too underground," the gravly toned Marc Stretch and the more nasal sounding Prozack are eager to put themselves forward as a pair of hiphop zealots; more concerned with being dope than different. Still, obeying the axium "let the hybrid of your heart and soul become deeds of greatness". The group used their "Kidnapper Van" to seize a handful of rap cliches to smack the crap out of them and then take them on a joy-ride.


Artist : Foreign Legion
Album : Playtight
Produced by : DJ Design
Label : Look Records
Catalog Number : LKR003
National Release Date : 2/10/04

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Track Listing

Bay Area's hippest hoppers, Foreign Legion, are back with their second full-length album, Playtight. Foreign Legion is DJ Design on the decks and production and Prozack ("the kid in the cowboy shirt and nerd glasses") and Marc Stretch ("a real playa from the Himalayas") on the mics, but they're much more than the sum of their parts. The MCs play off of each other as if they've been friends since childhood; in the parlance of the genre, "they got jokes." Luckily, Design matches each funny punch line with a funky bass line. Design's tight, bouncy production helps the group live up to its name on this record, lacing the listener with loops that range from Latin to Jamaican to Brazilian and beyond. On "It's Working," he gets things moving with a tango piano line, shakers, and timbales, and on "Party Crashers," the funky Cuban-esque beat is the foundation for Stretch and Prozack's dissertation on how to get in where you don't fit in.

On "Here We Go Again," a lavish track with acoustic guitars, a warm organ, and a softly sung chorus, Prozack sums up their mentality while separating themselves from the backpacker masses: "Ain't nothin' too deep, rhymin' over cool beats/It's just music, if it's hot, it's hot/This underground hip-hop versus rap shit has gotta stop/A lot of pop rap radio sucks, but underground rappers, we complain too much." The only complaints FL has are about running out of booze or getting fronted on by females, and they're always delivered cleverly. It all comes together on their single, "Happy Drunk," an uptempo drinking anthem joint with a spelling bee chorus and pounding bass line that has Tha Liks wishing they'd come up with it first.

Just when you think the jokes might begin to wear thin, they show signs of maturity on "How Do It Feel," a lush-stringed production about their personal shortcomings and crosses. A funnier variation on a similar theme is "Voodoo Star," a Stevie Wonderful funky joint/tale of born losers. Not to be missed is the closing song, "Roommate Joint," a perfectly-penned rant about cohabitation over an old school bass line.

Foreign Legion is recognized as a genre-defining group that belong to the era of hip hop which launched artists such as Dilated Peoples, Slum Village and the Lootpack. With three 12” singles already released from Playtight the stage is set for the national release of the album. FL will appeal to fans of the Beastie Boys, Pharcyde (clever rhymes) and J5 (roots mentality).

The bottom is line is that Foreign Legion is here to give you party rhymes over party beats made by and for party people. Don't get it twisted. Or do get it twisted; the Legionnaires are having too much fun to care.

“If you're looking for good, (mostly) clean fun, then look no further because 'Playtight' packs 13 party starters that are set to blow speakers from coast to coast like the second Liks LP." – Matt Jost,

"Not only do FL have some ill rhymes, but their beats have advanced to the next level as well. DJ Design’s funk-infused bumps cover not only familiar breakbeat territory, but also veer off into previously unexplored directions.” - Murder Dog

"Bay Area B-Boys extraordinaire Foreign Legion come strong on their aptly titled sophomore LP. High-octane party jams dominate, with block-rocking beats and braggadocio-filled rhymes galore. Never taking themselves too seriously, the NoCal trio let loose with 13 quality joints dedicated to mike-rocking, liquor-sipping and running game on the honeys. Check out the swinging retro-funk of 'Party Crashers’ or the neck-breaking 'How Do It Feel?' for prime examples of the FL’s sonic superiority." - Brolin Winning, XLR8R

“Whereas stark strings and sliced horn samples dominated ‘Kidnapper Van’, ‘Playtight'’s production is funkier, fuller, and cleaner. This time out, producer DJ Design keeps the scratching to a minimum, while applying popping bass lines over elastic drum tracks and eclectic samples."–Sam Chennault, SF Weekly

“The strongest evidence that the Legion is - gasp! - growing up might be the serious tone of 'How Do It Feel?', which finds Marc Stretch relating his struggle as “a working class man with an upper class mind / and lower class income / trying to get mine”. That’s real talk. FL's production has taken a giant step forward this time around, resulting in a more varied musical palette. Along with their trademark big beats, the album abounds with string melodies, reggae basslines and lively organ fragments.” - URB

Prozack’s recent EP Restaurant Quality Lemonade (Dreamworks) charted all over college and mixshow radio. Prozack’s solo debut Death Taxes and Prozack includes tracks from an array of hip-hop heavy weights, including Pete Rock, Organized Noize, J Dilla, Alchemist, Paul Nice and Super Dave West (release date to be announced). DJ Design has recorded for Stonesthrow w/Peanut Butter Wolf, Wildchild and Madlib/Quasimoto and has remixed songs for such varied artists as the Beastie Boys, Rae & Christian and Bob James. Marc Stretch has recently signed a solo deal with Look Records.


Overnight Success Maxi-Single (ABB 1999)
Featuring the international hit “Full Time B-Boy”, recognized worldwide as an all-out b-boy manifesto. Backed with “Overnight Success” and "Underground” feat. Natural Fact.

Nowhere to Hide 12” (Insiduous Urban 2000)
This farcical take on conspiracy theories is as funny as it is funky. Spaced out B-side Static Remix from producer Madlib.

Let Me Tell You Something 12” (Insiduous Urban 2000)
FL tells everyone something with this 2nd single off the Kidnapper Van album. Bangin’ B-Side Remix by the one and only Paul Nice.

Kidnapper Van – Beats to Rock to While Bike Stealin’ LP (Insidious Urban 2000)
Debut album - over 10,000 copies sold worldwide! Extremely rare, currently out of print.

Happy Drunk 12” (Look Records 2002)
First release on DJ Design’s new imprint Look Records. Showcases the groups new direction in sound.

Voodoo Star 12” (Look Records 2002)
Prozack and March Stretch spit hilarious lyrics about 'bad luck' over DJ Designs' punchy beats and funky keyboards.

Playtight 2xLP/CD (Look Records - February 10th, 2003 National Release)
Long-awaited sophomore album. Produced by DJ Design. Artwork designed by Jeff Jank of Stones Throw fame. Features the hits Happy Drunk, Voodoo Star, It's Working, Nasty Lady and Roommate Joint.


Marc Stretch

DJ Design

"San Franciscan hip hop that comes packing furiously intelligent heat..." - NME

"Either you slip on your slickest Armani bathrobe and luxuriate in the odius and boorish rhymes of Jay-Z and company or you smoke yourself into a blunted frenzy while being entertained (?) by the minimalist dictates of the leftfield. Right? Wrong... Foreign Legion highlight the paucity of ideas apparent in both well entrenched camps [and] demonstrate the swift moves towards hip hop's third way." - Jockey Slut

"Foreign Legion represents anew, post-indie revolution era in Bay Area hip hop, one that's realized mix tapes and MP3's don't pay the bills." - Bay Guardian

"FL's Production has taken a giant step forward this time around, resulting in a more varied musical palette. Along with their trademark big beats, the album abounds with string melodies, reggae basslines and lively organ fragments. On Playtight, the group are just as delinquent in their habits as ever, if noticeably more self assured. Unlike far too many underground groups who seem more concerned with abstract metaphors then getting bodies on the floor, Foreign Legion crafted several of Playtight's tunes into what could easily be deemed club bangers... Though they've risen to the top of the Bay Area Indie Hip-Hop heap, FL is a long way from blingin'" - XLR8R

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