Released September 1999
Double Vinyl & CD

Catalog # : BHH2037

Meticulously assembled track by track, Faust blended banging rare beats, bouncing basslines and syncopated scratch solos to take listeners beyond the boundaries of current turntable based music on this release. This album tells the story of Faust himself, pioneering scholar and magician who sells his soul for immortality and infinite knowledge. However, DJ Faust continues the tale, resurrecting Faust and traveling through 4 planes; fire, wind, water and earth. Making a special guest appearance on the album is DJ Shortee, one of the very few female turntablists/producers and other half of the dynamic duo (Faust & Shortee). A healthy dose of neck snapping drum tracks, supersonic cuts, annihilating bass and soul create another groundbreaking journey.

track listing

01 Completeness
02 It's Time Again
03 Competition Is None
04 Hypnotizin'
05 Tracking & Balance
06 Understanding
07 If Nine Was Six

08 Voices In My Head
09 So Deep
10 Going Back
11 Boy Meets Girl
12 Just Like That
13 Timeless Depths

14 Putting Heads Out
15 Invisible
16 Enlightenment
17 Calculations
18 Time & Space
19 Freeform

20 Rock Da House
21 How I transmit
22 Stellar Moods
23 Elevation
24 Bass to Space
25 The Phoenix