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Released May 1998
Double Vinyl, CD, and Cassette
Catalog # : BHH2007

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This 60 minute musical collage features the phenomenal turntable skills of DJ Faust. The scratching, beats and echoes are performed by hand! This was the first ever full length album released by a turntablist artist. Features guest appearances by 3xDMC Champion DJ Craze, Shotgun (former Goodie Mob dj) and female dj Shortee

DJ Faust presents a total of 27 monsterous scratching tracks on his debut album Man or Myth? Faust, able to adapt turntables as a musical instrument, creates a dimension of sound and imagination that teleports the listener into a surreal world of music, the world of the turntablist. Man or Myth was constructed without any samplers, effects or sequencers. "Echoes were laid like a pause tape - turn the volume down, re-record, turn it down more, re-record etc." explains Faust. The result is a string of musical compositions that bombard the listener with a fury of instruments, sound effects and basslines created by two turntables and a 8-track recorder-all orchestrated and manipulated by the hands of a hip-hop magician.

Also featured on the album are guest appearances by other members from the Third World Citizens collective; female deejay Shortee - drummer for 15 years and a black belt, Miami's DJ Craze - Zulu DJ Champ 96 & 97, and rap group Goodie Mob's deejay Shotgun. All three contribute selections to the album that will assist in this projects' success in 98 and beyond. Along with the arrival of the new millenium comes the advancement of music and how the world creates it. A world reigned by DJ Faust... Man or Myth?

Album Track Listing


01. Fragments
02. Time To Roll My Sleeves Up
03. Takin' It To The Maximum
04. I've Got Rhythms
05. Time To Get Open
06. Broken Joints
07. Whatever You Want - DJ Shotgun
08. Better Than Before (rock the place)
09. The Sure Shot
10. You Wanna Battle Me
11. Back To The Lab
12. The Return of Craze - DJ Craze


01. Fresh
02. Bring It Down
03. You Are All Alone Here
04. Calculations
05. Mind Over Matter
06. Know What I Mean
07. Funky For You
08. Don't Hurt Em With The Needle
09. Would You Stop Scheming
10. Rocking With The Best - DJ Shortee
11. You'll Get Murdered
12. Neva Gets Nervous - DJ Shotgun
13. Detonate
14. Are You Ready
15. The Scratch, The Bass

available on Double Vinyl, CD and Cassette

"Eventually Faust is juggling half a dozen snippets at once and then lets it all collapse together in a moment of musical chaos that destroys me with its atomic energy --- rendering me speechless." - Bay Guardian

"Cut Chemist hears what sounds-like-wah and immediately says, "That's dope that he did it that fast without the pedal." Wahaat!" - URB Magazine

"This is ridiculous DJ skills and insane obsession all rolled into one little package. 10" - Muzik Magazine

"No human being is capable of doing what he has done on Man Or Myth. Faust is my boon coon for DJ album of the year. Listen to DJ Faust's Man Or Myth and you will never look at a DJ the same again." - Slap Magazine

"Join Faust's complete itch therapy program. This guy must be up to his knees in vinyl shards." - Kid Koala (Ninja Tune artist)

"From Atlanta's tactile, tone-arn terrorist comes one of the most arresting and surreal turntablist records of the year, Man Or Myth?, which takes electronic music to the breaking point and beyond." - CMJ

"This is one of those DJ albums that b-boys, b-girls and lovers of the art of turntablism everywhere will appreciate." - HITS

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