Starring: DJ Shortee
Featuring: DJ Faust, Q-Bert, Babu, Disk, Flare, MC Armanni, Shingo, Annalyze, Roc Raida, Total Eclipse & Radar

From the creators of Shortee's DJ 101, the most complete learning tool for DJ's, comes SHORTEE's DJ 202: A comprehensive guide for collectors and DJ's, intermediate through advanced that is professionally filmed and edited for quality. Produced by Eyekiss Films with Faust & Shortee Music, Shortee's DJ 202 offers expert tips and techniques based on the fundamentals of Shortee's DJ 101 with top notch instruction and pointers by world class performers SHORTEE, FAUST, Q-BERT, BABU (of Dilated Peoples), DISK (of Primus, Herbie Hancock, Santana), MC ARMANNI REIGN, SHINGO, ANNALYZE & FLARE. All the lessons are taught in a clear, thorough manner by DJ SHORTEE and are organized into 4 easy to follow sections complete with new techniques in Mixing, Scratching, Beat-Juggling & an action packed Extras section with TONS of exciting features! You can do an in-depth study of the "Philosophy of an Innovator with DJ Q-BERT" or go on a field trip to Guitar Center to check out new gear! Peep informative lessons on some of the industry's newest technology like Stanton's Final Scratch & DFX-1, Pioneer's EFX 500, Vestax's Faderboard and QFO or just pick up some simple tips and tricks to help you with your DJ craft. The DVD showcases two hot 4-turntable routines by FAUST & SHORTEE , a blazin new beatjugging routine by SHORTEE herself & even short clips -n- cameos of super fresh DJs RADAR, TOTAL ECLIPSE, ROC RAIDA & ATLANTA's B-BOY's & B-GIRL's rocking the dancefloor! Oh & don't forget the hilarious new Blooper Reel with the DVD's stars hammin' it up! SHORTEE'S DJ 202 is produced for all ages and skill levels & starts in where Shortee's DJ 101 left off . The soundtrack includes original tracks by FAUST & SHORTEE as well as original Beat Box Stylings by MC ARMANNI REIGN. DVD comes complete with interactive menus, animation, caption windows, and digitally mastered audio. A must-have for every DJ & Collector!!

- Planned mixes, Mixing using builds & breaks, Short mix drops
- 2x4 Mix techniques: Mixing with 2 people on 4 turntables

- 2x4 Scratch Showcase: DJ Faust & Shortee 4 turntable scratch routine
- Question -n- Answer Scratching & Scratch Duet Techniques
- New Scratches: Backwards, Tap Pause, Tip, Hydroplane, Scribbles, Finger Friction Scratch, Platter scratches
- New Combinations: Stab/Tap Pause, Faderless/Platter, Chirp/Baby, Skribble/Tear, Single Tear/Double Tear, Twiddle Flare/Chirp Flare, & various Forwards/Backwards combos
- Drop Outs, Live tricks and Scratching with Effects Modules

- All New Beat Juggle Showcase Routine by DJ Shortee
- Single & Double Shuffle Patterns, 1 hand & 2 hands & Yellow Pages
- Body Tricks: Behind the Back Twist, Elbow, Shoulder, Full Spin & Back Rock Tricks
- Walk Tricks: 1 Hand Cross, 2 Hand Cross, Behind The Back Twist & The Fade

- Tips and tricks: marking grooves, cleaning contacts, making slip mats
- 2x4 Final Scratch Showcase: DJ Faust & Shortee 4 Turntable FS Routine
- Stanton Final Scratch Lesson (Mac & PC)
- New Vestax Technology - Faderboard, QFO Turntable/Mixer
- Guitar Center field trip: The 1's & 2's of what's available
- DJ Effects modules lesson: Pioneer EFX 500 & Stanton's DFX-1
- Special Guest Interview Featurettes : Q-bert & Babu
"Philosophy of an Innovator with DJ Q-BERT"
"A Team Playa with BABU (Dilated Peoples)"
- Additional Interviews: DISK (Primus), BABU (Dilated Peoples), MC ARMANNI, SHINGO, ANNALYZE, FLARE & Q-BERT
- Bloopers Reel