ANCIENT TERMITES - PhonosycographDISK (DJ Disk)
Released September 1998
Double Vinyl and CD (no longer available)
Catalog # : BHH2009


On Disk the Phonosycograph's "Ancient Termites," (Bomb Hip-Hop Records) the prolifically talented DJ, known for his membership of such acts as Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Primus, GR2, and MCM & The Monster elevates the art form of turntablism to a whole new level. The self produced 13-track "Ancient Termites" is an aural feast of progressive turntable-orchestrated music (hip-hop is far too limiting a term) that amazingly utilizes absolutely no computer generated samples. Instead the pioneering DJ Disk rocks, flips, and manipulates the turntables in ways that can only be likened to what Hendrix did with the guitar. Joining Disk on several of the album's tracks, which were recorded in single takes, are Guns N Roses's Buckethead (guitar), Primus's Brain (drums), and DJ Xtrakd (bass); all helping to create the albumÔs unique live-band feel. From start to finish Ancient Termites takes the listener into the twisted imagination of the genius who masterminded the Shigger Fragger Show, with a wild turntable ride of found sounds that range from Laurel & Hardy to John Coltrane to The Beastie Boys; and all manipulated in a totally unique way. For example the Miles Davis sounding "Thinking Room Sculpture" (feat. DJ Xtrakd & Brain) finds Disk feeding his scratches through a wah-wah pedal while for "Disk Drisks" he created an inspired distorted feedback effect by scratching on a record which he simultaneously bent. Meanwhile to create the flanged feedback effect he miked everything from a speaker located in the next room. For the dreamy & esoteric "Exoskeleton" Disk feeds the minimalist opening segment through an echo effect before adding a piano turntable segment and then the entire track's beat (all by hand!). He then layers piano and scratches along with various sound effects on top. Obviously recording with such diverse acts as world renowned Invisibl Skratch Piklz (with whom he's still affiliated), Bill Laswell & Praxis, Rancid, Prmius, Buckethead & GR2, and MCM & The Monster has helped Disk keep his musical horizons refreshingly broad and adventurous. Personifying Disk's no-holds-barred approach to music are such track as "Penguin Burial," which is built on an old Hendrix beat "To Me It's Scrambled Eggs" which is structured upon John Coltrane bass and piano segments and "Ducks Decay" which is meticulously scratched off a variety of sounds from high hats, basslines, snares, spoken words, and 808 beats. "I don't even try to define my music," wisely stated the DJ which still will undoubtedly draw fans to Ancient Termites from all musical camps!

Album Track Listing
01. To Me it's Scrambled Eggs
02. Holidisk Inn
03. Beaver Clause
04. Polar Bear Sunskreen
05. Elevator Puss Music
06. Bucktooth's Berry's Binge
07. Ducks Decay
08. Exoskeleton
09. Penguin Burial
10. Grab Bag
11. Thinking Room Sculpture
12. Disk Drisks
13. Tayoe the Dealer