Released July 2001
Double Vinyl & CD
Catalog # : BHH2043

Swiss dj Def Cut debuted in the US with Return to Burn on Bomb Hip-Hop. This monster album (CD & 2xVinyl) contains fat drum breaks, awesome vocal snippets and fresh dj scratching. Contains the European radio hits Geenie Jell and R.I.P. Marcos. Features guest appearances by Raheem and Unity Posse. Nu Skool, the latest genre of music from UK and Europe hits US shores!

track listing
01. Intro
02. Geenie Jell
03. Teachin’
04. R.I.P. Marcos
05. Point of no Return
06. The Force
07. Phase
08. Just Listening
09. Wake up
10. What ever !
11. Back to the Funk
12. Rock the Beat
13. Life on other Planets ?