Released June 1999
Double Vinyl & CD
Catalog # : BHH

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What makes DJ Craze different from other turntablists is that he rocks a party for two hours, not just a routine of ten minutes. His dj sets feature hip-hop, breakbeat and jungle with some mesmerizing body tricks, lightning quick mixes and beat juggles that have set him apart from any other DJ. Craze is continuously traveling the world performing in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Japan and various other countries. Craze is the 3-time dj champion of DMC! He has been featured on DJ Faust's "Man or Myth" album, the "Fathomless" EP (with DJ's Faust and Shortee) and was featured in Time Magazine! "Crazee Musick ", his debut album, was a hit with his intricate style of hip-hop, jungle, drum n bass and abstract music.

Track Listing for Crazee Musick

01. Happy Thoughts
02. Tekmasta Anthem
03. Crabhappy Crabaholics
04. Ride Dat Donkey
05. Hey Little Girl
06. It'z Dangerous to React While You're Running
07. Dangerous
08. Fuckin Ethic People (999) - DJ Infamous
09. Mogli
10. Miami International Break
11. Scratch Sentence One
12. Scratch Sentence Two

recorded at Craze's crib & mixed at Slice's crib by DJ Slice & DJ Craze
except track 08 produced by DJ Infamous & recorded at his crib mixed by DJ Slice & Infamous at Slice's crib
all others produced & written by DJ Craze