Artist: V/A
Title: Bomb Hip-Hop Compilation
Configurations: CD, Cassette and Vinyl
Released in 1994 (out of print)

Features songs by Blackalicious, Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf, Mad Child featuring DJ Q-Bert, Homeliss Derelix, Mystik Journeymen, Bored Stiff and more!

track listing
01 Style Wars Excerpt - Intro
02 Jigmastas - Execution
03 Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Just Like A Test
04 Mental Prizm - Strawberry Moon
05 Eyedle Mode - End Of The Innocence
06 Dereliks - No G'nus
07 The Nugs - Pump
08 Blackalicious - Lyric Fathom
09 Homeliss Derelix - Fuck You
10 Mystik Journeymen - Swing
11 Madchild featuring DJ Q-Bert - Pregnant
12 Bored Stiff - Therapy
13 Total Devastation - Part Time Assassin
14 The Product Pushers - The Rap Race

"The Bomb tape is full of raw talent. I'm sure there will be some record deals coming out of this. It's time someone exposed some of the underground styles and concepts of the groups." - Flavor Magazine

"This comp proves once again that the rap magazine known as The Bomb brings out the best in the Bay Area..." - Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

"The Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine brings itself one step closer to establishing itself as a Bay Area legacy. Beyond the magazine, and the memorable underground shows, comes the Bomb Hip Hop Compilation - a collection of mostly Bay Area artists that each throwdown a mesh of different styles and sounds." - URB Magazine

"It's only natural that The Bomb would produce a superior compilation of unsigned Bay Area rap acts. The disc has several things going for it: First and foremost, it's an A&R man's dream - we're talking 12 unsigned rap groups with a regional diversity that ranges from the hip-hop hotbeds of Oakland and San Francisco to the lessor known environs of San Jose and Davis. The musical and lyrical variety is equally as widespread: Ruffneck, tarmac-ready anthems mix with quirky, spaced out vibes and gritty, basement-born funk." - SF Weekly

"Congratulations to the Bomb staff for completing a pimpy idea." - Klub Magazine

"The Bomb, the Bay Area's crucial rap publication, assembled this 12-artist sampler as a statement of hip-hop independence, not as a declaration of war. The style here is pure street, rough and rugged with great production value. This compilation should ignite a local rap community long overlooked by mainstream sources." - The Metro