Released October 2003
Compact Disc
Catalog # : BHH2061

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A native of Minneapolis, Cheap Cologne has been in the Minnesota music scene for years. Music was in his blood from the start, as a kid too young to stay up late to listen to the hip-hop radio show on sunday nights, he would tape songs off the radio while he was asleep and then make mixtapes on cassette. Then he got some turntables and started DJ'ing for various artists in the Twin Cities and eventually he evolved into a producer. He has played shows at venues like First Avenue, The Quest, The Cabooze, and The Red Sea with artists Atmosphere, Heiruspecs, The Shapeshifters, Oddjobs, and Dosh & Sole of Anticon. Cheap Cologne has been compared musically to RJD2, his debut album Just A Little Sample features guests: Slug from Atmosphere, Awol One & Circus of the Shapeshifters, Elias, Gentle Jones, DJ T-Rock of the 1200 Hobos, Unsung, and LA Symphonys' Pigeon John.

Track Listing
01. Operation 3:43
Believe Me 4:11
03. Seventy One 3:09
04. Floating Away featuring Elias 2:06
05. Faustus Diary (remix) featuring Gentle Jones 3:50
06. Dreality featuring DJ T-Rock 3:07
07. City vs. Soil featuring Gentle Jones & Unsung 4:49
08. Barry Manilow Is Alive And Well featuring Pigeon John 3:06
Poke @ The Art 3:54
10. Ravers Suck 4:06
11. Sobercab featuring Paul-Z 3:16
12. Sound Familiar? 2:19
13. Wheezing 2:20
14. Stitches featuring Slug, Circus and Awol One 3:58
15. I Am Not A DJ 2:25
16. Mission Statement :07

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"Cheap Cologne's bombastic beats are the treat. Wear your helmet and your dancin' pants at the same time because this beat warfare will put your body into submission". - Barry Braun KVSC St Cloud

"CHEAP COLOGNE "JUST A LITTLE SAMPLE" (Bomb/US/CD) Dave Paul always comes with the good shit, like his latest installment of the seminal Return of the DJ, Volume 5, but this here Cheap Cologne is something else entireley. Part indie rock/hip-hop with turntablism and jazz licks and MCs, they've just gotta be from someplace bizarre like Minnesota or Chicago. Tracks to check are "Sobercab", the lovely "Wheezing" and the almost indescribable "Poke @ The Art"." - #2 on Toph One's Lucky 13 (XLR8R)

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