Released November 1998 (out of print)
Catalog # : BHH2020

Live drums breakbeat record by New York drummer Stix Bones. Features 10 slammin' breakbeats (each with 4 patterns for a total of 40) as well as a special bonus track with John Weatherley on horns. A perfect record for producers, beatjugglers and radio dj's.

Track Listing for Bones Beats Volume 1

Stix Bones is the drummer for poetress Jessica Care Moore and has been band
leader for the hottest open mic venues in New York including Lyricist Lounge
and Solutions Entertainment. Stix is featured on Lyricist Lounge Volume 1
(Rawkus) with Sarah Jones "Blood" (disc 1, track 5) and has performed on
stage with  Common, De La Soul, Miss Jones, Rha-Digga, Doug E. Fresh and
Rhazel the Godfather of Noise. Bones Beats Volume 1 is a perfect record for
producers, radio DJs and beatjugglers. Features 10 slammin' live drum
breakbeats, each with 4 patterns for a total of 40! Contains a special jam,
"Bone-Us Beats" featuring horns by John Weatherly.
01. Head Nod Beats - 87 bpm
02. Slow Flowin' Beats - 83 bpm
03. Hi Hat Beats - 94 bpm
04. Crash Beats - 97 bpm
05. Ride Beats - 93 bpm
06. Rim Shot Beats - 90 bpm

07. Funked Up Beats - 98 bpm
08. Ill Flava Beats - 102 bpm
09. Flip This Beats - 100 bpm
10. Bounce Beats - 75 bpm
11. Bone-Us Beats - 91 bpm