Released February 2000
CD only
Catalog # : BHH2036

The fifth element of Hip-Hop, the lost art of beatboxing has been found and is regaining its rightful place as a musical form. This album features the beatboxing theatrics of Metabass 'n' Breath, a live hip hop band from Sydney, Australia (with members from NY, LA, Austria, and Sydney). This beatbox album is like no other. It is a diverse journey that pricked up the ears of hip-hop heads, electronica, tribal and avant garde explorers. The album is a journey, telling the story of a beatboxer and his adventures and challenges. Along the way some great guests join in. Fellow Bomb allies DJ Faust, Shortee, and the Fifth Platoon's Vin Roc.

track listing

01 Birth
02 Take Flight
03 Mechanization
04 Lock Up
05 Liberation
06 Cop This!
07 Breath Prayer
08 Goddess
09 Inner Demons
10 Transform Gravity
11 Planet T-1200
12 Vin Roc Takes Flight
13 City Zen
14 Future Jam
15 Alchemy
16 Till the End of Time
17 For the DJ's & MCs
18 Perfection

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