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Bavu Blakes, dubbed "One of Texas' brightest new stars" by legendary rapper The D.O.C., is the ultimate wordsmith by both definitions. The baritone-voiced emcee has been reading and writing since he was three years old and writing poetry since he was five. His music industry education includes traveling with the Cash Money/Ruff Ryders 2000 Tour as a writer/researcher, making numerous contacts and learning the ropes of major label touring, promotions, merchandising and more. Bavu Blakes originally released Create & Hustle independently and sold 2,000 units on his own at live shows and record stores in Texas. Now Create & Hustle will be released nationally as a joint venture between Blakes' Word4Word Music and Bomb Hip-Hop Records, distributed by Caroline (home to strong independent hip-hop labels like Battle Axe, Ninja Tune, Def Jux and Stones Throw).

Equally adept at writing, freestyling, performing and battling, this emcee offers both clarity and hype. While words and rhymes are clearly where Bavu’s talents shine, he places equal importance on beats. By defining tracks in terms of mood, rhythm and melody, he makes the music sound better. Creating a sense of cohesion between the lyrics and beats, Bavu’s music reveals this approach through clever, thought-provoking lyrics over diverse beats guaranteed to entice any listener’s ear.

Bavu Blakes is focused on success and married to his keep-’em-guessing originality. More concerned with longevity and substance, he possesses the creativity and the hustle to make his talent pay dividends.

Artist : Bavu Blakes
Title : Create & Hustle
Catalog Number : BHH2058
Release Date : May 20th, 2003

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Track Listing:
02 - (bah-VOO)
04 - WE USED TO...
10 - I
11 - SEE YOU
13 - hidden track : REAL LIFE
14 - hidden track : PLAY THE ROLE

* Includes production by NickNack and Hydroponic Sound System.
* Features dj cuts by DJ Logic and Baby G.

Bavu Blakes throws down a steel-gloved challenge to other rappers to bring it on. Freestyle battling is all about competition - rhyming better, faster, tighter, turning words inside out, pushing each other to new heights. It can be brutal, but Blakes encourages rather than disrespects. Bavu is most interested in a positive, creative, intelligent hip-hop, not the played out gangsta/consumerist stereotype that took over the Nineties. Just to prove he can provide the 411 on bitches, video ho's, the po-po, and invitations to sit-on-my-big-thick-dictionary, he offers the ironic "Sarcasm," assuming the guise of a fed-up positive-tipper, who concludes he won't earn wads of Franklins until he starts disrespecting women in his lyrics. First head in the noose will be that of his girlfriend who's always loved his sensitivity, but complains his "shit don't sell." She even buys other playas' misogynistic hits, so her lover sees only one way out -- capitulation. Blakes knows this song will be widely misunderstood, as if it represented his own beliefs rather than his cool, witty observations of money, consumerism, self-respect, and relationships.

The disturbing, insightful "Only Your Life" is a hip-hop ballad observing the life of Coltrane, a young man punked out by his war-scarred uncle Ty. The narrators, one a war buddy saved by Ty, don't judge the two men harshly, but determine that life can be mysterious and difficult to understand. With "Suicide," Blakes surpasses his previous homicidal confrontations with other rappers and confronts the only opponent capable of standing up to him in a freestyle battle - himself. It's a Buddhist exercise in destroying the old self to move on to higher levels of understanding. "See You" is equally learned, making any mother proud and any son jealous, perhaps ashamed. On "See You," as with the bulk of Create & Hustle, Bavu flows like the Mississippi in flood time. He uses his prodigious verbal skills to set up wicked wordplays, shoot three rhymes to the line, and produce percussive rhythms. His words remind fools that rap is the package poetry comes wrapped in these days. Blakes, who calls himself a wordsmith, keeps language alive by breaking it up, reshaping it, loving it, and helping it grow in amazing new ways.

The music of Create & Hustle provides a masterful foundation for these vocal treasures. Powerful jazz riffs uphold some of the songs, while naked drum & bass glide through others. Duets with S'ence and Jade add feminine touches to two tracks. The production work of Pea Dee, DJ Massive, Adrian Quesada, Obadele Thompson, Arson Optics, DJ Phyfteen, and NickNack offers a powerful showcase of Austin talent. Riding over everything, Bavu's voice is strong, certain, unfaltering.

Blakes has been a sure and steady opener for national headliners and touring acts since the late 1990's. He has performed with Snoop Dogg, De La Soul, Jurassic 5, The Roots, GURU, Blackalicious, Common, Blackeyed Peas, DJ Krush, Tha Liks, J-Live, Supernatural, Nate Dogg, Living Legends/Mystik Journeymen, Eyedea & Abilities, Jungle Brothers, Atmosphere, Anti-Pop Consortium, Company Flow, Black Sheep and many more. Clear Channel/Pace Concerts books Bavu Blakes regularly, and Steve Nice of Dallas' K104FM certified him as an independent force by adding songs from Create & Hustle to his weekly Sunday night rotation.

Blakes' new music video, "(bah-VOO)" (from Create & Hustle), was recently added to the Real Network. Real Guide has 27 million users according to Nielson/Netratings, which is about the same number of households MTV2 is in the US. The "(bah-VOO)" video has also racked up more than 4,000 unique views as one of the highest played streams on blastro.com, where the video debuted as one of the "Editor's Picks".
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"Unlike other MCs who get hung up on the past, leaving the context enlightened but relatively light, Bavu incorporates his knowledge while letting the listener know that he has his eyes, ears, and mind firmly focused to what's going on" - Austin Chronicle

"One of the brightest new stars in Texas" - The D.O.C.

"Definitely one of the hottest up and coming artists to date. It's REAL southern hip-hop, str8 with no chaser!" - Steve Nice, 104.5 FM "K104" Dallas