REBORN - Knightz of Bass
June 2001
CD only
Catalog # : BHH2029

Reborn is a collection of the twelve best tracks from the groups German releases Beat Wars and the self-titled album Knightz of Bass. Their first debut in the US was the track Da M-Pire that was featured on Bomb's 1999 breakdancing compilation Revenge of the B-Boy. Reminiscent of the 80's electro hip-hop sound, with 808 bass and robit-like vocoder raps listeners are taken back to the days of Cybertron (Clear), Egyptian Lover, Twighlight 22 (Electric Kingdom) and Uncle Jams Army.

01. In The Beginning
02. Da M-Pire (Sideshow Remix)
03. Cylone Attack
04. Zoom
05. KB-4
06. Feel The Groove
07. Dark M-Pire
08. Space Invaders
09. Da M-Pire
10. Renegades
11. Da M-Pire (Dub Remix)
12. Wizzards