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AZEEM - Show Business

Named Best Hip-Hop Artist!
Best of the East Bay 2004: East Bay Express

"This is one of the best albums of the year by one of the hottest MCs I've heard in quite a while. This guy has the goods, and he's not afraid to show up just about every MC this side of MF Doom as the ciphers they are. Azeem is just a wonderfully gifted MC, fully in command of his abilities and blessed with the type of consistently phat beats that most MTV rappers would kill for. He seems to be that rare member of the hip-hop nation who understands the art and science of true lyricism - the poetry and the rhythm, the use of simple simile and metaphor to create complex effect, and the power of direct honesty to carry true sentiment. This is as fine a rap album as you'll hear all year." — Tim O'Neil - Associate Music Editor

album for Bomb Hip-Hop, Show Business, features production and remixes by Paul Nice, DJ Design, Hydroponic Sound System, Anas Cannon, Sapone, Fanatik, Gettic, Christian, DJ Zeph & Platurn, Adamatic, Dawe Fe, DJ T-Rock, Jah Yzer and Architech.

Azeem - Show Business $9.99

$14.00 in US/Canada (price includes shipping & handling)
$18.00 Worldwide (price includes international shipping & handling)

cd track listing
01 The Experiment - produced by The Architech
02 Oakland to Brooklyn - produced by Gettic
03 Family Man - produced by Hydroponic Sound System

04 The Worst 4 Letter Word (skit)
05 Show Business - remixed by Paul Nice
06 Non Stop - produced by DJ Zeph & DJ Platurn
07 Platinum Trends - produced by DJ Design
08 Five Oooh - produced by Christian
09 Blood, Water and Wine - produced by Fanatik
10 Let's Go - remixed by Sapone, featuring Jnyce
11 Don't Do It - produced by Anas Cannon
12 Doc Screwface (skit)
13 Thug Mac Ologist - produced by DJ Design
14 Rest - produced by Jah Yzer
15 Oakland to Brooklyn - extended remix by Adamatic
16 Platinum Trends - remixed by DJ T-Rock
17 Platinum Trends - remixed by Hydroponic Sound System
18 F.U.W. (original demo version) produced by Dawu Fe, featuring Tiye Selah

12" single track listing
side a
1. - Oakland to Brooklyn
2. -
Oakland to Brooklyn instrumental
3. - Non Stop
4. - Five Oooh
side b
1. - Show Business
2. - Show Business instrumental
3. - Let's Go
4. - Let's Go instrumental

$9.00 in US/Canada (price includes shipping & handling)

for international orders email for shipping quote

started his first band Telefunken in 1989, which was a combination of live instrumentation and hip-hop. Years of hard work culminated in their first release (1994) on the then newly-formed OM Records. Soon after, Azeem's spoken word lyrics won him a spot on the Lollapalooza tour, which in turn led to a PBS special, two books, and prestige as the third best performance poet in the country. In 1997, Azeem joined Michael Franti in co-writing songs for Spearhead and then touring for two years as a writer and performer with the band.

Finally, in 1999, he decided to focus on bringing together his writing and performing skills as a solo musical act. 2000 saw the release of his first solo EP Garage Opera (Heratik) as well as a track on Afro-Mystik's Future Tropic album. Azeem followed up with the full length album Craft Classic (Stray). Azeem's hilarious vocals and DJ Zeph's funky horn laced beats earned the albums' single "Rubber Glue" the #2 spot on the CMJ radio rap chart.

In 2003 the 12" single "Family Man" (Bomb Hip-Hop) featured the Bay Area master craftsman Azeem spittin' lyrical gems in his trademark sing-song style over a fat Hydroponic Sound System produced track that combines the nasty funk sound of late 60's New Orleans with dubbed out keys and delays.
Also in 2003 Azeem toured Europe with the Bomb Hip-Hop Tour. In early 2004 Azeem was the frontman on the VU release Mayhemystics (Wide Hive) which has been nominated for a California Music Award.

"This cat's got one of the illest flows around, and one of the hottest live shows you'll see anywhere. Check out his latest album with production from Paul Nice, DJ Design, Fanatik and more. Good sh*t throughout" - Toph One, XLR8R - New York Now issue #81

"Azeem is a very talented, diverse, creative artist that will achieve many profound feats during his musical endeavors" - Hip Hop Hot Spot

"Azeem brings some heat and comes across as a breath of fresh air... Don't sleep on this kid, he represents the otherside of Bay Area Hip Hop." - Davey D

“Craft Classic” is, unfortunately, a rarity in Hip-Hop. It’s an album that can be listened to straight through from beginning to end without ever losing its interest. It’s records like this that keep Hip-Hop alive and thriving as an original art form. "

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