by Bevan Jee
from The Bomb Hip-Hop magazine issue #41 - June/July 1995

The internet is a new way of finding hip-hop. It's easy and
cost effective, as hip-hop keeps growing and getting more
diverse, the internet will become a valuable source for b-
boys. One of the last places raw hip-hop information can be
found, besides underground magazines, like this one.
Hip-Hop was an underground movement in the late 70's and
early 80's, the internet also had it's roots in the underground,
once you find it everything is there! The internet is a service
available through your home computer at minimal cost and trouble
that enables you to connect your computer to millions of others

On the net, hip-hop is no longer confined to pages, as the
technology expanded, a new information source was bought forth.
Unlike other methods of broadcasting the internet is an
interactive experience, which is based on its users input into
discussion. Discussion is organised into newsgroups. The
newsgroup alt.rap is where rap is discussed by people who
enjoy the music or culture, there is no-limit for anything in
this newsgroup, you are allowed to discuss what you want, when
you want. Everyone wants to know the latest information about
their favourite rappers. News travels quickly on the net, every
hour there are anywhere from 10-50 messages, depending on the
level of activity going on in the newsgroup. Past discussions in
alt.rap include: Who is the best hip-hop producer? Large
Professor or DJ Premier, Will Lord Finesse ever drop new shit?,
Who won Craig G or Supernatural?, Who won Saafir or Casual?...
and you guessed it - How did Eazy-E contract the HIV/AIDS virus?
Another aspect of the hip-hop culture is graffiti,
alt.graffiti is a newsgroup covering everything from what
markers work the best to graffiti vocabulary and advanced
piecing techniques like cutting lines and mixing paints.
The biggest, most comprehensive and complete archive anywhere
on graffiti, filled with information and photos from around
the world (Art Crimes) can be found on the world wide web at

I've even witnessed freestyle battles and live discussion
about hip-hop on the net through a feature called IRC
(Internet Relay Channel) which is like a CB radio. Just think
Saafir and Casual could be battling it out behind the keyboard
in a few years time. People from all over the world, remote
places like Australia, Germany and the U.K. are showing much
love and knowledge of hip-hop. The fact that the internet is
global also means you can save money, remember you have the
world at your fingertips, think of all the money you will save
on stamps and phone calls to people, just send electronic mail
or chat to them live!

With more and more people gaining access to the Internet every
day, that means more and more people who live and breathe hip-
hop will be on the net!, great place.