by Bevan Jee

BEVAN: Have you ever recorded any tracks with rappers in different
countries and is language ever a barrier or a problem for the group?

MYSTIK: We have encounterd language barriers in Norway, Germany and
France, but it never held us back from relating to the folks we
hooked up with. Switzerland was a wild night cause the barrier was
within hip-hop, the crowd was a young group who were mostly into old-
school hip-hop shit!!! They just wanted to get on with their
breakdance contest!

BEVAN: What's the weirdest shit that ever happened to you overseas?

MYSTIK: The weirdest thing that ever happend to us is hard to think
of cause some crazy shit has gone down on the tours we have been on.
One of the wildest things was at the border of Sweeden. Our party
bus was enroute to this show we had to do in Oslo, Norway, we got on
a ferry at Denmark to get across to Sweeden. While we was on the
ferry hella fools was smokin bomb an hash just kickin it! When we
got to the Sweden side there was a little dog at the ferry exit.
Every other person that walked past him, he would nod his head and
they would get swooped off into a little room!!! We ended up waiting
4 or 5 hours while they searched the whole bus inside an out. They
even searched all the passengers one by one. Some fools got strip
searched, but we was like "Fuck That, you can deport us"!! That was
some crazy shit.

BEVAN: What countries do you plan on doing shows in next?

MYSTIK: Where to next? Well, the Mystik Journeymen will be known as
one of tightest Underground groups Worldwide. We will step foot on
every continent,rip shows, slang some tapes, then bounce back to the
bay to continue gettin blackballed!!!!

BEVAN: Tell us a bit about your magazine 'Unsigned & Hella Broke'.
What inspired you as 'rappers' to produce a hip-hop magazine?

MYSTIK: Well........ You ask why we formed UHB. We wanted to create
a pure form of a publication that specificly caterd to our peoples
who were trying to do this. Most magazines were, and still are
controlled by advertisments and labels on the unda. We just didn't
want to kiss no ass to get coverage. Plus most of the people who
write for these magazine are SPECTATORS. Why let someone who's only
viewing what you create dictate a wide perception of what is quality
music?? It never made any sense to us. Beyond that we are writers
first, so who would be better qualified? Rappages? I don't think so.

BEVAN: Your EP is released on 'Outhouse Records', I understand this
is your own record company. How hard was it to get Outhouse
established and off the ground?

MYSTIK: Outhouse Records was born out of nessesity, meaning that we
didn't really set out to be our own record company, it just happend!
This is the only way to get a complete understanding on how
important ownership is. This apply's to whatever you do in life.
Unless you strive for ownership you will just be building up someone
else's empire. We cant fade the norm. Keep in mind it's alot of hard
work, we end up working 6 or 7 differnt job's within our
organization. We can't just kick it at home playin a Play Station,
rollin weed, callin girls over to watch the big screen we got off a

BEVAN: How well is your material currently selling in the U.S.A and
around the world?

MYSTIK: The Ep we have out now is doin really well. It's called
"4001". The majority of sales are from overseas but we can hold own
out here too. With no air-play and limited promotion. I can honestly
say that everyone knows whats up with us, well at least everyone who
claims they know what's up with Hip-Hop!

BEVAN: Do you think Mystik Journeymen would be the same if you were
signed to a major record company?, and as rap artists, is getting
signed to a major label your long term goal and wish in hip-hop?

MYSTIK: If we were legally confined right now I think that it would
be too easy to achive the success we will eventually receive. Mystik
Journeymen and the Outhouse Receords family is going to blow up.....
period...... We just want to control the flight from the ground up.
We don't want to be the chumps in the front forever or MTV's new
niggas of the year. We have to go back to school and move on with
our lives. We are just here to light the path through the tunnels.

BEVAN: What crews are you down with in the Bay Area and who do you
think are the best up and coming/most talented groups outta there at
the moment?

MYSTIK: We are down with hella people, WorldWide........... but
family wise I would say: The Grouch, Murs, Arata, Eclipse, Cyto-P,
Dereliks, Black China, DJ MuthaFucka, MOS, Bored Stiff, JC, Twisted
Mind Kids, The Folks,Aesop, Zebra Bravo, Krewcial, TCD, Zombie
Squad, Fundamentalz, Hobo Junction, Meen Green, Ras Kass, The
Undaworld,Suspect, The ENTIRE UHB Family.... It's hella folks, way
too many to name so Don't think we forgot you we are just kinda high
right now!!!!

BEVAN: Anything else you want to say to everyone reading this?

MYSTIK: WHAT kind of fuckin question is that? How the hell are we
suposed to know that shit? Man, Bevan you are a dumb ass wombat ass
licker! Get the hell out of here..... Uhb Bitch! just kiddin man
Thank you for the Suport man.. We need the shit, Not everyone can be
platnium like the Fugees!!!!