by Bevan Jee

So, what you been up to?

Just trying to work on some new stuff, you know we just signed with
Dreamworks so I'm trying to get that together.

Tell us about your different aliases and personality's

Certain songs I feel different people should be on different tracks,
you know it's emotional. I put myself into characters for certain

I hear you were just touring Europe

I was in Amsterdam, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland, Berlin and
Brussels. I didn't go to England or nothing, it was kind of short I
was getting burned out travelling. I flew out there but we traveled
by train. It was cool the shows were packed, I did sellout shows.

Your new Sex Style Show, what does that consist of?

Me just coming out doing all my sex records. I was more on a promo
tour, the next tour I would have bought my cape out and my mask and
all that stuff and done a little introduction.

It was crazy how you put all that stuff on the back of the Sex Style record!

That's real me! I ain't out here faking it like other people be
doing on their album. I'm into more sexual things, just more
enhancing ideas with my girl. I cant be boring with her we have to
entertain each other.

Tell me more about Dreamworks, that's Steven Speilberg's Label, you
should make a movie.

Yeah I hope so, he's cool huh?

Yeah, what else is new?

You know I worked with the Octagon. I got my third album getting
ready to be finished. I'm doing a lot of good things and running my
own label independently, I'm doing it all by myself. So far it's
been very kind of progressive.

What's up with Menelik?

He has a single deal he branched off on Octagon. He's still in there
trying to get his album together, we still trying to work on new
tracks. I'm starting to get into more advanced equipment so I can
make a lot of futuristic things and brand new stuff where I wont be
stagnated with the average stuff that's being used right now.

What do you think of today's Rap Music?

I'm not really entertained anymore, everything sounds the same. We
have a crisis right now of innovative music. I'm probably the only
person left trying to do something different and brand new.

What are your feelings towards Biggie's death?

It's kind of ill, look at rock groups they can have big parties and
people get together. Iron Maiden parties with Def Leppard, Red Hot
Chilli Peppers party with David Bowie, its just all the same its
people enjoying themselves having fun. When you have a lot of black
activity and award shows it draws a certain type of audience of
people who are just into the materialistic point of it. You get bad
vibes, there's so many egos in the air and tension in there, you get
that type of spotlight audience. It's kind of ridiculous. You feel a
lot of rappers out there could be doing so many elite type of things
with themselves, it's just occupying their mind in other places.

What's the craziest things you did on stage?

I came out on in my underwear in Switzerland

How did people react to that?

It was cool, normal for me. I crave off doing stuff that's kinda

So there is a new Dr. Octagon LP?

We're working on one, we're getting ready to start

How's it working with DJ Q-Bert?

He's a great DJ, he's really innovative, inventing you know.

Tell me about Mr. Gerbik, you plan on releasing anything from him?

I plan to do albums on all my aliases. I'm waiting to get my
equipment set up so I can really do stuff like this. It's going to
be on. I have another group called Cyclops 4000 and I'm still doing
the Big Willie Smith thing.

How many copies were released of the first Big Willie Smith EP?

About 600-700. It's very rare now, it's a collector's item you won't
find that anymore.

What else do you want to mention?

Just my innovation. People should appreciate me for being different
and coming with new stuff. I plan to do some more shows. I'm here
just taking care of business, paper work. I plan on moving back to
the East Coast and move down south. I'm getting a new house in North
Virginia, Atlanta

Who was that woman on the front of the Sex Style LP?

Spontaneous Ecstasy, she's a porn star

I've heard some people think she's a guy because she has big legs!

She's just a big woman. A lot of guys think she's a guy, she's just
big-boned. You don't see a big woman like that in Europe, more women
in Europe are more petite. These woman are big, especially in the
south. So you hear the album getting played or something?

Yeah I seen it in stores, tell me what happened with Erotic Man?

That's bootlegged stuff, I wouldn't even pay any attention to it.
Did anyone buy that, did you buy that?

Nah. What happened with Ced-Gee?

I let that slide, I'm not dealing with that anymore, I let that go.
I put that behind me and moved on. This is my last year. I'm making
maybe two more albums and I might be finished with my career. I'm
going to get out the game. I did enough, I'm Kool you know.

People are going to miss you!

You know I did it for 12 years. I'm Kool now you know. I'm going to
spend some time with my family.