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JEDI MIND TRICKS - old school classic INTERVIEW

answers provided by Eyekon the Verbal Hologram and Stoupe
interview conducted by by Bevan Jee

BEVAN: It's obvious how you came up with your name but are you major Star
Wars fanatics?

EYEKON: The name is more symbolic than most would think. Jedi Mind Tricks
is more of a reference to the mental rituals practiced by the Jedi Knights as
opposed to a superficial reference to a pop culture icon.

BEVAN: Who are the members of the Jedi Mind Tricks crew?

EYEKON: Basically, it's just Stoupe and I, but we have an extended squad
called Army of the Pharoahs, who will also be dropping a joint around

BEVAN: When does The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, and
Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Conciousness (The LP) officially

EYEKON: November 4th

BEVAN: Do you think heads are ready for your LP?

STOUPE: Yes and no; sonically, I think it's easily accessible for most.
However cerebrally I think it will be over most people's heads.

BEVAN: How would you classify your style of hip-hop?

EYEKON: Again, musically it has been labeled as "dark" or "ominous."
But that's all part of the ultimate Jedi Mind Trick. The beats are evil at
times, but the lyrics are positive. Not necessarily positive in the
traditional way, but positive because we're exuding knowledge, wisdom and

BEVAN: You talk about some pretty serious topics on your debut, what do
you understand about Government Conspiricys, Extra Terrestrial Biological
Entities, and Majestic 12?

EYEKON: What I know about those things could fill a library. Let's just
say that in 2003 a ship called Niburu is coming for the 144,000 chosen.

BEVAN: Where do you see Jedi Mind Tricks 5 years down the track?

STOUPE: Operating project by project is difficult enough; let alone
predicting five years into the future without some guarantee of existence.
One never knows.

BEVAN: What are you going to be releasing after this LP?

EYEKON: The Army of the Pharoahs single entitled: War Ensemble. It will
feature a bunch of independent MC's, sort of like a "supergroup"

BEVAN: What equipment do you use in the studio?

STOUPE: A broken ASR-10.

BEVAN: What artists are on your label, Superregular?

EYEKON: Us (jedi mind tricks), Army of the Pharoahs, Neso and a few others
who are currently in development.

BEVAN: How did you come up with the concept for Chinese Water Tourture?
EYEKON: Basically the beat created the concept. The beat just sounded
like pain and when stoupe added the sound of water dripping it was an obvious

BEVAN: What are your feelings about the importance of having a DJ scratching
in the chourus of hip-hop songs? Do you have a DJ in your crew?

STOUPE: I am the producer, and I am also the DJ. The DJ controls the mood
of whomever he wants to manipulate. The DJ is and always will be the most
integral piece of the hip hop puzzle.

BEVAN: What do you think about the current state of hip-hop?

STOUPE: It's basically garbage but we were sent here to breathe new life
into it.

BEVAN: How is the music scene in your area (Philly), who should we keep an
ear out for?

EYEKON: Obviously people like The Roots and Bahamadia got mad attention,
and rightly so. But the underground is bubbling. Look out for The Lost
Children of Babylon, Mountain Brothers, 5th Dynsaty as well as people who
are laying the foundation for hip hop culture to grow like Rich Medina
at Bobbito's Footwork.

BEVAN: What are some of your musical influences, hip-hop and otherwise?

STOUPE: Mantronix, Chuck Chillout, and The Mummers.

EYEKON: Rakim Allah, Kool Keith, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk.

BEVAN: Who are your 5 favorite MCs, Producers, and DJs?

EYEKON:MC's: Rakim Allah, Kool Keith, Pharoah Monch, Cannibis, Killah Priest.
Producers: Prince Paul, Premier, DJ Vadim, The RZA, DJ Krush.

DJ's/Turntablists: Tony Touch, Evil D, Cash Money, Q-Bert, The X-Men.

BEVAN: Thanks for the interview, do you want to send any shoutouts?

EYEKON: Peace to Lost Children of Babylon, Bahamadia, Rich Medina, 7L and
Esoteric, and the Superegular family.

STOUPE: Paul Hogan, The Bushwackers, and that guy from the Energizer