How to clean the PMC-05PRO Fader

HOW TO CLEAN THE PMC-05 PRO FADER by Krosfyah Alright

Here it is. Sorry for taking so long to post this up, but
I had to wait for a while so that I knew exactly what had to be done.
I'm not saying that this will cure all fader problems, but itwill
stop the fader bleeding, or though for how long I don't know - that
will depend on how fast you use the fader and how long you use it
for. Someone suggested going straight to the Tracoman/Vestax help
forum and not bothering to read my post, but I found that their man
over there, Henri, only gave me limiting advice, saying that i
needed to use air spray in the fader, and if not, then a tuner spray
which is not oil based. The problem was that my fader was bleeding
and not crackling or producing static or anything. So here it is

1) Unscrew the top panel and remove the fader unit - this cleaning
process can be performed on all 3 faders in the 05, and as far as i
know the 06, as they utilise the same components

2) You need to remove the silver panel on the back of the fader - so
hold the panel up, the right way round, as if it were still in the
mixer. You want to remove the panel facing you i.e. the one at the
back. You can remove the front one but i was advised its better to
take off the back one. To do this you need to get a set of thin
pliers and GENTLY squeeze the small prongs together that are poking
out. With these prongs clipped together you can gently lever the
back panel away, from the top, near the fader itself. Lever the
panel open gently.

3) Inside you will see 2 metal bars that the unit glides on, aswll
as about 3 grey/black lines, which is what the signal is sent along.
You need to clean all these areas using a SMALL amount of alcohol
based cleaner - this is very important as alcohol based cleaner will
evaporate unlike oil based stuff that builds up. I use isopropanol,
which is probably available from a chemist or specialist electrical
store. Take a cotton bud and dip it in the cleaner and gently run
the bud along the grey lines and against the metal glide bars. Do
this a few times until no more black shit comes off - you will have
to move the fader left and right to make sure you get it all.

4) Get some gun oil - if you live in the US this won't be a problem.
If you live elsewhere such as the UK like me, then you may have a
problem getting some of this. Try an electrical specialist store
again - do NOT use WD40 or any oil based grease as it will leave a
residue. Dab another cotton bud in the gun oil and apply a small
amount to both the top and bottom glide rods.

5) Thats it! - close the back panel, and open up the small clips
that you shut before to hold the panel in place (use a thin
screwdriver or razor blade to prise them open)

6) Fit the fader back in and see what that does - if you were
suffering from a bleeding/leaking fader then i bet you its better
now, aslong as you followed the steps. Remeber, take care when doing
all this stuff, especially when applying the cleaner and oil, as you
want only a very small amount of both.