RELY of The B-Boy Allstars and Cyber Force

by: Bevan Jee

Throughout the last few years some new talent has emerged in the
local Australian b-boying scene. Rely has recently moved to
Brisbane, Australia after breaking in a small town called Toowomba
for many years. On his arrival in Brisbane he hooked up with other
b-boys and began having regular breaking jams. He formed the crew
Cyber force, with Kid Rock, and is also an active member of the
Legendary Australian breaking crew B-Boy Allstars.

BEVAN: What influenced your path to the hip-hop culture?

RELY: I started off as a writer and that introduced me to the
hip-hop culture, I was unaware of what hip-hop actually meant until
I had been writing for six months. As I have always loved dancing I
took to b-boying in a big way but I was also interested in rap
music. I started collecting vinyl until I had enough music to start
up my own hip-hop radio show in 1992, which I ran for two years
while I lived in Toowomba.

B: What was the name of your radio show?

R: Slippin' on wax

B: What types of music did you play on the show?

R: Various types of hip-hop from around the globe such as Hijack and
Gunshot from the U.K. and all the usual East & West Coast artists
from the U.S. at the time. The show started when Def Wish Cast
bought out their Mad as a Hatter EP and later released Knights of
the Underground Table LP, so we used to play a fair bit of their
stuff, as well as Finger Lickin' Good, Fonke Knommads, and other
various Australian hip-hop artists.

B: How long have you been b-boying?

R: Five years.

B: Who were your B-Boyin' influences when you moved to Brisbane?

R: I found Mpire to be a big influence because he is unique to a lot
of the style I had seen before, especially his footwork. Busk has
taught me a lot since I have started breaking with him, he is the
grandmaster of breaking in Brisbane. Kid Rock is a good breaker as
well and I enjoy practicing with him.

B: What is the b-boying scene like in Australia?

R: In my own state it's getting stronger all the time with young
blood coming through at a rapid rate. Also the old school such as
Busk and Scan seem to just keep going! Abroad we have Wicked Force
in Melbourne, Rapid Fire and Def Wish Cast in Sydney, Robotech from
Newcastle, Hi-Five and Maze in Perth. Many of these crews I am yet
to meet but I can't wait to see the different styles that each crew

B: What are your five favorite moves?

R: Innovative & Funky Footwork, Aerial Turtle Hops, Multiple
Headspin Styles, Swipes and Rockapella's

B: Have you seen any international b-boys in action?

R: Just recently a breaker named Beat-One (Paulo) from Italy came
and stayed with me. This was a great learning experience for me
because his style was so different to the Australian style, which I
have always been exposed to. It helped my footwork a lot because he
did a lot of groundwork as well as Aerials.

B: What international crews do you respect?

R: Battle Squad, Rocksteady Crew, Air Force, Renegades, Enemy Squad
and The Family.

B: What are your feelings towards the importance of a DJ in hip-hop

R: To me it's essential. I mean, hip-hop was started by DJs in block
parties! Everything has it's ups-and-downs including Mcing, Breaking
and Graffiti. DJing will survive and flourish because the real
people out there know it's a true part of the ultimate culture -

B: What do you think about the definitive line drawn between some
b-boys to power moves and footwork?

R: For me I like to incorporate both elements of b-boying. I mean, a
lot of the funk comes from the footwork but crowds love dope power
moves. You can combine the two and save energy as well. As soon as
someone puts limits on breaking by saying these things, they are
just building their own boundaries. All the politics surrounding
this topic is just bullshit because you break how you like and I'll
break how I like and fuck what you say!

B: Do you have anything to say to the upcoming b-boys out there and
people reading this?

R: Stay strong, work hard at what you love and you will find it
rewarding. I wanna send a shout out to Fury, Dame (my little
brother), Kid Rock, Busk, Bevan, Jo 1 and 2, and all the other people
who I forgot.