R.I.P. Crash Kid of La Familia (The Family)

With the deepest sadness we have to inform the whole Planet Rock on the
the tragic loss of one of the most talented members of the Hip-Hop nation
and a friend to us all.

The Italian B-Boy internationally known as Crash Kid ( Massimo Colonna )
passed away in Milan, on Saturday, 1997 November the 1st, 4:30 PM, at
the age of 26. He was affiliated with the crew Passo sul Tempo, and part
of the French-Italian crew La Familia (The Family) who won the Battle of
the Year in 1995.

A B-Boy since he was 13 years old, he grew up in Rome dancin' with the
Special Breakin' Crew, one of the earliest italian groups, back in '84.
You could see him representin' the original spirit in parties all across
Europe. Among his late projects, a hip-hop musical he wanted to put up
with b-boys, mcees, deejays and writers. We'll greatly miss his energy,
his incredible talent, the way he always stayed true to the culture and
himself. Fuck restin' in peace: wherever he is now, may he find a piece
of linoleum to get buzy!!!. Ciao, Crash...see ya at the Big One!