B-BOYIN' - Do we need a movie! - Responses

B-Boyin was and is an element of hip-hop that the music & film industry marketed, packaged, used and discarded in the mid to late 80's in the form of movies & tv commericals. In the past two years B-Boyin' (breaking, popping and locking) have made an incredible comeback due to what we here at the Bomb believe to be three major factors;

1. Diehard b-boys and b-girls who keep the tradition alive throughout the
years by continuing to dance as well as passing down the artform to youths.

2. Yearly events like the Rocksteady Anniversaries, B-Boy Summit, Battle
of the Year and ProAm that provided a place for b-boys to gather and discuss 
the state of the artform as well as to trade information and of course... dance.

3. The explosion of homemade videos available in the hip-hop underground 
market that have made it possible for people to view events, crews and moves 
that they might not be able to witness in person (factors that contribute to 
this include age and location as well as others).



In the mid 80's Beatstreet was one of the commercial vehicles that brought the hip-hop culture to the masses. Unfortunately B-Boyin', DJing and Graffiti were tossed into the garbage can and major record labels dictated and brainwashed the music consumer into thinking that Rap is hip-hop. Rap is only one part of the hip-hop culture!

Now that B-Boyin' is gaining momentum do you think someone should put together a real hip-hop movie incorporating the element of b-boyin' as a major part of the plot? Obviously it would educate and re-educate people to the true aspects of the culture but would it help b-boyin' and the hip-hop culture or do you think it would once again be destroyed by a rush of wack movies and corny commercials. There hasn't been a hip-hop movie in years and we could really use one... or could we?

Please send us your feedback and comments concerning this matter.

Opinions are those of the individual and may not necessarily reflect those of The Bomb Responses may be edited due to content and length

Name: RAPID73@aol.com
Email: mailto:RAPID73@aol.com?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

I think it's time the world gets introduced to a real hip hop movie that
shows that hip hop is a way of life and how all b-boys and b-girls are the
contribution to putting together the whole hip hop scene. It should be a
movie with lifestyles of different type of b-boys/girls and how they go about
everyday basis with that playful hip hop twist. I have been painting graffiti
since I was 16(now I'm 25) and live a very influential hip hop lifestyle.
From Puffen Cronic, to sneaking into shows, to hooking up with girls, to
painting freeways, to breaking, to blessing the mic, to kicken with the dj's
peeping the new shit, to starting my own clothing company(all hip hop related
and influenced), hip hop runs through my veins and I think the world should
know why this is such the most playful form of lifestyle. It's real and it's
dope. When you meet someone in the same mindframe, it gives you such the
feeling of connection, and accomplishment when you know you're contributing
and the people you meet are also contributing in their own ways. That's the
shit!! All I'm saying, is that if anybody gets anything going with true b-boy
documentary/movie, count me in! I am a very influential hip hop individual.
And on that note I'm out Producing Colors, Prazen Christ on the Pacific
Coast. Catch you at a hip hop show...

Name: Robbi Meyer

Email: mailto:rmeyer@infinet.com?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

B-Boyin is no doubt comin up out the underground. But I don't pheel that it
should be thrown at the masses just so it can be mocked and misunderstood.

the Underground videos are cool and all that but, seriously, fuck
hollywood and all the cheesy cliches ....cuz b-boyin will always stay..in
the essence of true hiphop, I don't need to see it in a videoshop, or in
the movie ...I Keep b-boyin alive, cuz all my kids bring it to me.

The art of b-boyin/b-girlin is already exploited in whack BUGle boy type
comercials. nahmean. peace to all crews

Name: Tim Garvey

Email: mailto:garvep-2@idt.net?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: A movie wouldn't be necessary. There have been
plenty of movies on breaking in the '80s. In fact, i believe Ice-T was
in 1. A movie in the '90s would be stupid to most, and kind of tacky.
The best thing, I think, would be more of a documentary. Like djs have
a documentary currently out called "Battle Sounds".. emcees, though a bit
more of a comercialized documentary, have "Rhyme and Reason". The next
2 that would logically follow would be graffing, and b-boying. However,
I would like to see something on beatboxing, which is constantly seeming
to be a truly lost art.

Name: Pretty Tony (Unknown Entertainment)

Email: mailto:tonyreese@steelesystems.com?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: I think that we definitely should have a b-boy
movie. I'm sure that it would show kids the real if they don't know
after being flooded with this Puffy shit. Hip-Hop is just like other
music in that it goes in cycles, and being 27 I feel that another change
in our music is due now. A movie would I think accelerate that return
to what's inevitable and that's the roots. If you remember when the
first b-boy movies were out (not Wild Style or Style Wars but the more
Hollywood type flix), you saw the commercials and posters and you wanted
to see it, just on the strength of it being based on the streets and
what you were doing at the time. Now that it's known that hip hop will
not go away and is more popular than ever, a real movie about b-boyin'
will I think motivate and educate not only the already real headz, but
it would also graduate younger kidz from baby food(commercial shit) to
solid food(tha next level). If they make wack movies after a dope one,
they'll bomb, because at this point hip-hop is not as brand new to the
masses as it was in the 80's, so the demographic for the viewers is
small anyway. Plus you know word of mouth usually will kill a stupid
movie. No more fads and whatnot. I think the general public hates hip-hop
more than disco anyway. But the kidz are more open to it and the right
flick can change their life for the better.

Name: b-GyrLWundeR

Email: mailto:bgyrlwunder@earthling.net?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: YES!! I think a breaking movie is way long
over due. Most of the videos that are out, are wack, for tha simpLe
fact, that wack people LACK the knowledge. If a true hip-hop head
does a movie, it WILL be dope. Regardless. Someone like, say... a
team of Crazy Legz, Boogaloo, Reddy Red, Live, Space....and uh some
more good b-boys, not to mention B-GIRLS!!!! I don't know any off
top.. cuz I have never seen a really dope b-girl... maybe Baby
Freeze. The point is: if a dope, respected b-boy/girl makez a
breaking movie, it WILL be dope. Too many wack people try to
represent the hip-hop culture and destroy it slowly. We gots to
build it back up... "tha wall can't stand higher than we cant build
em...can they??" -Aceyalone.....

Name: mo'st

Email: mailto:mk1g60@hotmail.com?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: yes we do need a movie. b-boying is still the most
original form of dance to come out as long as i can remember.

Name: loco motion (phoenix, arizona)

Email: mailto:sisters02@aol.com?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: Yes, I believe they should make another hip-hop b-boy
movie. I think that'll influence more people to understand and start b-boying
themselves, and it would help keep them out of trouble.

Name: Decieve

Email: N/A

Feedback and Comments: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. We need to educate people on what
hip-hop is all about. It's not the commercialized bullshit everyone thinks
it is. It is something totally from the real.

Name: Tom "Bionic" Smith

Email: mailto:tom.smith@alcoa.com?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: We need a movie(s), but as we all already know it
must only targeted towards the true hip-hop community. Maybe these movies
need to go directly to video tape and be marketed through dj shops/record
stores, hip-hop magazines, and word of mouth- from one b-boy or b-girl to
another. If the movies are marketed and distributed in this fashion, real
b-boys and b-girls could show these films to "wanna-be" mc's, dj's, and
breakers and truely educate them in their roles and responsibilities as
true hip-hop headz.

Name: Rubb`r`band

Email: N/A

Feedback and Comments: I am a 16 year old b-boy from Perth Amboy N.J. I am
currently in a crew named B'n'D B-Boys. I for one feel that b-boyin' is
coming back, hip-hop is in need for a video. People should be educated and
also give credit to the old school, so we can just see much an effect
it has on the new school today. I have been dancing for 2 years and have
learned to appreciate many elements of hip-hop and I am anxious to equire
more knowledge.

Name: Loko One

Email: mailto:lokomotives@hotmail.com?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: It depends on what you want to achieve as
to whether there should be a movie on b-boying. If you want to show b-
boying to the masses then it has to be done very carefully and
acurately since we all know what happens when you got a wack version
of the culture we all love (eg. Breakdance, Rappin', etc). But then
again even if a watered down movie was made it would still get
people intrested in finding out more, sure there will be lots of
half steppers but there always will be. I mean most of us weren't there
in the Bronx in the 70's so we got exposed to hip-hop through other
ways, and chances are it was through a more commercial fabrication
first then we discovered the realer culture. Therefore if a movie
came out, no matter what, it will still give attention to the scene,
but do we want attention that bad to distort the real face of the
culture (in this case b boyin').

If all people want a movie for is to show the real b-boying to real
hip-hop heads then you dont need a movie since the real heads are
already experiencing the true b-boy action, right?

Now if you want to record the true b-boy scene to show to the
unaware masses then it gets difficult because you would have to
balance it so as the people get into it and it's not too alienating
yet still represent the scene fully and truely, which I believe the
would be a sorta Style Wars type movie but on B-Boying. A documentary
in depth and in touch but exciting and intresting enough to get those
outside the scene attracted to it and maybe help these mainstream
suckers understand our culture a bit more.

Name: Michael (Meb-One)

Email: N/A

Feedback and Comments: I think that puting breakin' and the other
elements of the Hip-Hop culture on television and in commercials is
whats going kill it. Just think of what happened in the eighties.

Name: Macross Matrix

Email: mailto:leond@ros.com.au?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: Why not make a new breakin' flick in a movie
story format?, because to me it would be to cheesey. What would be
better, especially for new comers, would be a video that shows the
battles, the techniques, the moves with respected breakers
explaining the moves and how they came to be, basically a
educational hip-hop video. l know l'd watch it. Showing breaking in
it's raw elements. No sugar coated, happy, bullshit story line
B-grade flick, but a raw look at the dance style the way it should

Name: Chloë

Email: mailto:jsk@macconnect.com?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: Yes, I think someone should for sure do a
'90's style movie about B-Boyin!!!!!! Something with the new-school
flava. But please no booty plot. Maybe even an instructional video
for beginners or for people who gave breakin' up and want to get back
into it. What ev's though even if a new video doesn't get made,
B-Boys and B-Girls will always be in existance.

Name: NyceStylez

Email: mailto:nycestylez@aol.com?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: True, B-boying is coming back full-force. And I do agree
that there ought to be a real Hip-Hop documentary pertaining to this element.
But the thing that worries me is that people will think that it's the cool thing
to do, and they'll corrupt breaking like the art of emceeing has been. If you
want a real piece of work, then don't have a director make it, but real B-boys and
B-girls. Just give some heads around the globe a camera and some tape, then stick
that shit together into a video. Don't glamourize it, show the real stuff.


Email: mailto:proteines@calva.net?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: I think it would be good to make a hip-hop movie, but a real
hip-hop movie, with graffiti, dj's, rappers, and b-boys. With lots of battles
between the different crews. That would be good, because people have forgotten
that was the hip-hop in the 80's. Good luck for the movie.

Name: Jose Esdaile

Feedback and Comments: Yes, I feel that there should be a B-boyin movie, because
a lot of youths out there who don't know what true hip hop is. Most kids think
its all about the clothes and music, but there is so much more involved. Also,
if a movie is going to be made, it should involve all other countries like
Canada and Japan, not only the States.

Name: Sireal

Email: mailto:saafir@ozemail.com.au?subject=response from Bomb Australia Discussion Topic #2

Feedback and Comments: As a member of the 90's generation of Hip-Hop
followers, I have had to rely almost entirely on viewing other peoples moves
on video. Accept for the occasional Hip-Hop night here in Sydney there's
not much that we can see first hand. Video's such as KRS-One's Rapper's
Delight provide us with useful insight to the entire culture and opens a
window into the underground scene in the US where we can see that at least
some people are still trying to stay true to the broad scope and not just
concentrating on specific elements. As I'm only young (17) and missed out
on the literal explosion of Hip Hop in the early 80's I think I find it
harder to gain an understanding of the culture, especially with the amount
of negativity presently surrounding the scene in Sydney. I think that only
my personal devotion to acquire a better understanding of the culture and
the guidance of the elite members of the tightening community down here
have kept me away from the commercial propoganda that has engulfed the media
in recent times. Many of the sprouting Hip-Hopppers today are arent't as
fortunate as I have been to be lead down the correct path and have fallen
victim to the Puff Daddy commercialised view of Hip Hop as only rap and not
an array of interconnecting elements. I think that a video similar to the
worldly inspirational Beat Street would do tremendous amounts of good for
the 90's generation Hip-Hop follower and provide essential guidance for a
wandering and confused group of future leaders.