THE END - Alien Army
Released October 2003
Compact Disc
Catalog # : BHH2062
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The End - the stunning second album from Italian hip-hop DJ supergroup Alien Army, and the first available outside of Europe, has already drawn comparisons to both D-Styles' "Phantazmegorea" and QBert's "Wave Twisters." And no wonder since like those two Invisibl Skratch Piklz famed DJs, the six-member Alien Army also possess a powerfully unique strong song structure approach to turntablism: something often absent from the "skratch" music genre. "What sets Alien Army apart from even some of the best hip hop scratch DJs of today, even many of their fellow DMC or ITF champs, is that they make good head-nodding hip hop music that is universally appealing," said Billy Jam of Hip Hop Slam Records, who has featured Alien Army's music on several of the critically acclaimed compilations released on his US label including Global Turntables and Scratch Attack: the LP which also featured QBert and Steinski. Dave Paul of Bomb Hip Hop, who pioneered the current turntablist craze with his infamous Return of the DJ series, agrees that Alien Army are a most unique DJ collective. "They are not just amazing scratch DJs but more importantly quality producers who make hip hop songs, complete with choruses and hooks. The kind of tracks that you keep hitting the repeat button on. But what's really amazing about Alien Army is that they create all this great music on just turntables!"

Featuring the DJs/producers Zak, Skizo, Inesha, MicroMetz, Type10, and Tayone, Alien Army have been together for the past seven years. In that time they have become national DJ heroes in their native Italy: winning hands down twelve national DJ battle titles (DMC and ITF) and releasing the first all scratch album in Italy (Orgasmi Meccanici 1998). They have also become mainstays on Italian radio and television with regular appearances on MTV in Europe. Additionally their expansive discography includes a slew of 12" singles, battle records, and mix-CDs. DJ Skizo, the groups founding member, says that The End is what they are most proud of after spending the past year-plus honing it to perfection. For proof check out such instantly likable tracks as the sinister "Destroy" (already a hit single in Italy), the spooky mood-induced "Daily Nightmares" and the track that features US guest DJ Radar, "The Terrible Invasion Pt. 1." "Our goal with this album," said DJ Skizo, "Was to combine the ultimate frontiers of the so called scratch music, passing through electronic, electro, abstract hip-hop and downtempo."

Track Listing
01 Intro
02 Destroy
03 Thronic Harmonic
04 We Keep Things Rollin
05 Tales from the Dark Side pt.2
06 Magnetikal Chemistry
07 Sorry Wrong Number
08 The Classic
09 Daily Nightmares
10 40 Degrees of Revolution
11 Help Me I'm Falling
12 Scratchoetry
13 Let U All Know
14 Fresh Confidence
15 The Terrible Invasion pt.1 featuring DJ Radar
16 Phrases In My Mind