NO CONTEST - Kreators

Released August 1999
Double Vinyl and CD

Catalog # : BHH2030

These four MC's; G Squared, Jayson, XL and Big Juan dropped their debut album "NO CONTEST" that featured songs touching on a variety of subjects."Spotlight" and "No Ordinary Love", guest featuring rapper ED O G (best known for his solo hits "I Got to Have It" and "Be A Father to Your Child"). The socially conscious and radio-friendly "If You Don't Know" and the thought provoking "Chemical" shows a side of the Kreators that is interested in building awareness of the issues that plague relationships and young adults on a whole. "Big Plans" was a crossover summer hit. Other tracks, like "Truth vs. Game" and "Who To Trust" served to round out the album by delivering a strong message to individuals who are blindly entering the business or who are getting exploited by the companies that represent and promote them.