BOMB BEATS - S.T.S./Mr. Dibbs

Released July 1997 (out of print) SOLD OUT
Catalog # : BHH2005

The first in a series of break beat records, this release features 10 breakbeats by two producers; Mr. Dibbs from the 1200 Hobos is featured on one side of the record and S.T.S. from Scotland on the other side.
Bomb Beats

Mr. Dibbs Side
1. Ya Might Get Sliced
2. Thirty Cycles
3. After Midnight
4. Can You Dig It?
5. Ritual Sweeps

S.T.S. Side
1. Rumbletime
2. The Happening
3. Alert! San Francisco
4. Mad Mike (co-produced by Daze)
5. Tune For Mood