PRINCE vs MICHAEL @ Madrone Lounge
San Francisco 4/29/06

Thank you to everyone that came out to our April 06 addition of Prince vs Michael. The results from the voting ballots that people took the time to fill out are as follows. Prince had 56 votes, Michael had 27 votes. The most requested songs, in order by most requested were - Billy Jean, Rasberry Beret, Kiss, Cream, Wanna Be Startin Something and PYT. Thank you to the staff at Madrone Lounge for being so helpful and professional. Happy b-day to the birthday girls Judy and Tara. Below are some photos from the party. If you took some photos at the party please email them to us so we can add them to this page. It was good to see Gigi, Tameir and the rest of the Prince freaks who danced to everything, all night - keeping us motivated.

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