Jak Danielz full length album Bar Hoppin is available on Bomb Hip-Hop Records. The album includes appearances by Buckshot (Boot Camp Clik), Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Craig G (Juice Crew/Cold Chillin), DJ JS-1 (Rahzel/RSC), Lordroc , BeKay and Godfather of Infamous Mobb. The majority of the album was produced by Johnnny Walker, with guest production by Rick Budo of Bully Bulpit and DJ JS-1.

This Sicilian born, Queens native, has been representing hip-hop in it's purest form since the early 80's. In 2004 Jak Danielz teamed up with NYC graffiti legend and producer Johnny Walker to form Cold Heat Entertainment. Since it's inception the Queens powerhouse has created a worldwide buzz through a blitz of mixtape, album and television appearences. Jak has contributed tracks to mixtapes and albums across the states and internationally, including major releases in the US, France, Germany, Italy, London, Belgium, Holland and Japan.

Jak Danielz has made numerous radio appearances on college radio; Sirius Satalite Radio and XM Radio, including two interviews on the " All Out Show" with Lord Sear & Rude Jude which is on Shade 45 Eminem's Station and Power 105.1 New York. Jak Danielz and Johnny Walkers music even popped up on The Regis and Kelly Show during a Jack Nicholas segment. During the summer of 2006, Jak won the Who Mag DVD Get Recognized contest through a collaboration with Grammy Award winning producer Mr Mig. Over the past year, Jak Danielz has performed at various clubs and venues across the country, including a memorable performance at the 2006 Independent Music Awards.

The music video for the song "Hip Hop Manual" by JAK DANIELZ featuring Craig G and DJ JS-1.

Artist : Jak Danielz
Album Title : Bar Hoppin
Catalog Number : BHH2079
Record Label : Bomb Hip-Hop

album track listing
01. Jak of Spades featuring DJ JS-1
02. Hip Hop Manual featuring Craig G & DJ JS-1
03. Bar Hoppin
04. Time Is Money
05. We Got featuring Lordroc BL .One
06. Queens Thing remix featuring G.O.D.father Pt. 3 & Lordroc
07. Miss America
08. What Can I Do featuring DJ JS-1
09. Bullseye featuring Buckshot, Sadat X & DJ JS-1
10. Nothing Personal
11. You'll Never Know featuring Carrie Shaw
12. Next Level
13. DJ Salute featuring Bekay, DJ Dutchmaster, Lordroc, DJ Ody Roc, SR, DJ Butch Rock & DJ JS-1
14. Jak Da Ripper
featuring DJ JS-1