Pet music for you and your pets. Songs Our Pets Taught Us is a record that celebrates our relationship with animals and the joy they bring to our lives. A portion of the proceeds will be going to animal rescue organizations, so shop and save!

“You cannot not love this record. With songs like the punky “I Love Goats” or the electro hip-hop of “Funky Bunnies (Remix),” this hot and mysterious trio (including a real-life vet technician!) sings about the animals they love in a fun and delightful manner of styles." - XLR8R Magazine

Artist Name : Heavy Petting Crew
Album Name : Songs Our Pets Taught Us
Label : Bomb Hip-Hop
Catalog Number : BHH2083
UPC : 611933208328

As always, it's all about the pets. A percentage of the sales will go to animal rescue organizations.

Domestic (in the US) - $9.00 (price includes shipping & handling)
International (anywhere in the world) - $12.00 (price includes shipping & handling)
album track listing
01. The Vet Tech Song featuring Moo Von G & Churro Lita
02. Muted Calico featuring Churro Lita
03. My Best Friend featuring Churro Lita
04. Spay and Neuter featuring Moo Von G & Churro Lita
05. Ginger featuring Rock Machlockison & Churro Lita
06. I Love Goats featuring Mistress Blinja
07. Meatbar Stew featuring Moo Von G
08. Kibble featuring Mistress Blinja
09. The Funky Bunnies featuring Bro Derek
10. Sabrecat featuring Mistress Blinja
11. Pippin & Gremilio featuring Churro Lita
12. No Bad Pets featuring Churro Lita
13. Sam's Song featuring Rock Machlockison
14. Funky Bunnies remix (remixed by Dave Paul)

The reigning champions of the animal-rock genre, San Francisco's Heavy Petting Crew provides a soundtrack for pet lovers with their debut full-length album Songs Our Pets Taught Us.

From the first fuzzy guitar chords of the opening track "The Vet Tech Song," to the last few beats of the hip-hop influenced "Funky Bunnies remix," Heavy Petting Crew take us on an animal inspired journey through punk, rock, metal, rockabilly, country and rap. Fronted by epic divas Churro Lita and Moo Von G, with appearances by vocalists Mistress Blinja, Bro Derek and Rock Machlockison the album is full of stylistic twists and turns. All the music was written and performed by the mysterious and gifted multi-instrumentalist Stan and the album was produced by legendary hip-hop producer Dave Paul.

Stan Records was formed by the legendary Stan and his rock diva wife Churro Lita. They first began their musical adventure together way back in the mid-90's. Stan would sing songs to his dog, and his then girlfriend, Churro Lita. After adopting two devilish cats, the songs then took off in another direction. Stan's love for his black and white tuxedo cat was the inspiration for his first hit single, "Meatbar Stew." And his complete and total adoration for his calico cat led to the next track, "Muted Calico." Churro Lita, not only being a rock diva, is also a vet technician who takes care of sick and injured animals in their homes. Her many clients become like extended family members over time. Stan gets to know most of these special animals also, and is then inspired to write songs about them. "Sam's Song," "Ginger," and the super catchy "Pippin and Gremilio" were all influenced by Churro Lita's relationships with her animal clients. After searching the Bay Area for vocalists that were willing to sing songs about animals, illnesses, anal glands and cat butts, Stan and Churro Lita were thrilled to recruit Miss Moo Von G. Her sultry, yet powerful voice seemed like a perfect fit for the Stan Records family. Her debut song, "Satan Baby," was an instant hit on the 2007 Stan Records Christmas compilation CD. Stan and Churro Lita were thrilled to be working with such awe-inspiring talent, and immediately signed Moo Von G to an exclusive, expensive, long term contract. Stan and Churro Lita both agree that she is worth every penny. She's a true gem.