Bend, OR

Thank you to everyone that came out to our second party in Bend. It was nice to be back after a year. Thanx to Chris, Reagen, Eric and Triple A. The venue reached capacity with a line outside of about 40 people trying to get in. Below are some photos from the event. If you took some photos that night email them to us so we can add them to this page. The final tally from the audience voting by ballots - Prince 72, Michael 71 - Prince won by one vote! The most requested song on this night was Thriller with 12 requests. Hope to be back in Bend soon.

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Clash of the Titans
Prince vs. Michael Jackson
By Eric Flowers (printed in the Source Weekly)

If you need more evidence that the '80s are the new retro cool, look no further than The Grove dance floor this weekend.

It's where anyone who owned an Atari, remembers the Tylenol scare, or understands "Tron” references should be this Saturday night when Bay area hip-hop consortium Bomb Hip Hop presents the clash of the ultimate '80s pop titans Michael Jackson and Prince.

The sounds of a pre-Neverland Michael Jackson will attempt to end Prince's Purple "reign” over the 80s, while a pre-symbol Prince will try to dethrone the King of Pop.
For those who haven't experienced Prince vs. Michael Jackson, it's a little like Celebrity Death Match meets Dance Party USA and put through the re-mix blender.

Presented by legendary Bay Area hip hop guru David Paul, Prince vs. Michael Jackson distills nostalgia-laden tracks like Jackson's "PYT (Pretty Young Thing)” and Prince's "Kiss” with hip-hop humor.

And like any good street brawl, musical or otherwise, it wouldn't be a real throwdown without some backup. Jackson's been known to call on the rest of the "The Five” to watch his back, if Prince wants to be startin' somethin'. While Prince has been known to lean on such '80s pop luminaries as one-time rival Morris Day and the Time. And if necessary, Prince may call on ex-girlfriend Sheila E. The King of Pop may respond by throwing down the gauntlet with sister Janet, (Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty.)

San Francisco-based producer Paul started putting together the Prince vs. Michael Jackson shows four years ago and has put on 10 shows in that time including one previously in Bend.

Saturday's show is part of a three-date stint in the Northwest that includes stops in Portland and Seattle.

If you would like to know when our next P vs M party will be send an email to and we'll alert you by email about our next event.

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