w DJ Dave Paul from San Francisco

Prince and Michael Jackson fans celebrate on the dance floor as DJ Dave Paul mixes album cuts, b-sides, un-released tracks, remixes and hits from the two artists as well as songs by such ancillary acts as Sheila E., The Jackson 5, The Time and Janet Jackson.       

12/02 @ Madrone Art Bar - San Francisco, CA I info

01/06 @ Madrone Art Bar - San Francisco, CA

01/12 @ Nectar Lounge - Seattle, WA I info I tickets

01/13 @ The Liquor Store - Portland, OR I info

01/19 @ 7th St Entry - Minneapolis, MN I info I tickets I SOLD OUT

01/20 @ Beauty Bar - Chicago, IL I info

02/03 @ Madrone - San Francisco, CA

02/10 @ Resident - Los Angeles, CA I info

02/17 @ Songbyrd Music House - Washington DC I info I tickets
03/03 @ Madrone - San Francisco, CA

03/16 @ El Club - Detroit, MI I info

03/17 @ Beauty Bar - Chicago, IL

04/07 @ Madrone - San Francisco, CA

04/13 @ Mercury Lounge - New York City, NY I info  

Collectively, Prince and Michael Jackson helped define the early-'80s era of MTV, revolutionized both R&B and popular music, and influenced thousands of musicians worldwide. This party pays tribute to two of the greatest artists of our time. The experience is presented by DJ Dave Paul who has successfully produced over 370 of these events in 35+ cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia etc.) over the last 15 years.





"For FIFTEEN years now, Dave Paul has hosted and DJ'ed at the brilliant 'Prince vs. Michael Jackson' parties. As selections of hits, rarities, and remixes from both artists are presented over the course of the evening, audience members square off in funky battle, holding signs bearing the mug of their favored entertainer to judge which one is the true king of pop. This sure ain't the place for cynics, but Darling Nikki's and Dirty Diana's are all welcome to participate." - SF WEEKLY

about the dj
Dave Paul began his music career in 1984, starting as a mobile dj and evolving into a prominent college radio dj, club dj, and remixer in San Francisco. In 1991 he launched the now legendary publication The Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine and in 1995 Paul transformed the magazine into a record label. The company was named "one of the fifteen independent labels that matter" according to Rolling Stone and the labels Return of the DJ series was ranked by Spin Magazine as #25 in their "The 90 Greatest Albums of the 90's" (Sept. 1999 issue), receiving a higher rating than Gold & Platinum albums by Lauryn Hill, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Green Day and Fatboy Slim. Dave Paul has appeared on the front cover of Billboard and is featured in the motion picture Scratch. Mr. Paul has dj'ed throughout the US, toured Europe, released over 100 projects on his record label and currently produces theme parties including the 15 year running Prince and Michael Experience and a 10 year running 80s party.

The Prince and Michael Experience by Dj Dave Paul on Mixcloud

track listing
Funky Design - Prince
I Want You Back (Z-Trip remix) - Jackson 5
Now (Dave Paul edit) - Prince
You Rock My World - Michael Jackson
Sign O The Times - Prince
Ghosts - Michael Jackson
Anotherloverholenyohead - Prince and The Revolution
Remember The Time (Adamatic remix) - Michael Jackson
Black Sweat (DR. Fink remix) - Prince
Another Part Of Me - Michael Jackson
Batdance (un-released version feat. Big Daddy Kane) - Prince
Bad - Michael Jackson
Sodt and Wet (Promo Mix version) - Prince
Smooth Criminal (Extended Maxxxi mix) - Michael Jackson
1+1+1 Is 3 (live version) - Prince
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) - Michael Jackson


what people are saying about the party

"The Prince and Michael Jackson Experience is the place to be. For us epic PR&MJ fans it is our Prom and our Church. I always meet so many great people while dancing myself into a sweatier, happier person than I was before I came in. Free to be, P.Y.T. !!!" - Julie D.

"I remember going to this night and not only having the time of my life but seeing so many other people having the time of their life - and that's not an exaggeration. There is such a rare form of positive vibes across the audience." - Tim O.

"This was literally the most magical night of my life. I will never do this again because it will lessen the experience. I connected with my mother, my father, and complete strangers. I have never been so happy and so at peace. And no I'm not on drugs." - Asia S.

"great job last night. I love how when i come there i dance with the same "Strangers" from the last party" - Kandyce B.

"It's seriously the most fun I've EVER had at a club! The vibe is amazing, people are happy, and Dave is such a good DJ!" - Annette S.

"It is an amazing moment to turn around at any given time during the night to see fans singing along and feeling the music." - Trina F.

"We came. We drank. We danced. We laughed so hard we cried. We found the bathroom, waited ten minutes, and peed so we could comfortably laugh some more. We found the fan. We danced a lot more." - Danielle P.

"Had a wonderful time here last Saturday with my best friend at the Prince vs. Michael party. Was quite chill earlier, then got packed. Great vibe. The staff was equally great... the owner even gave my friend and I a free drink. The clientele was very hip and smiling, and positive. My friend said that one of the girls there she was dancing with offered to get her a drink. That is totally unusual, a straight girl offering another straight girl who she didn't even know a drink! " - Samantha M.

"I had a pretty damn good time. The energy was excellent on Saturday night...people were smiling and laughing and having fun. Girls weren't being catty and dudes weren't groping. Nor did it take forever to get a drink. It *was* insanely crowded, and believe me, I am *not* touchy person, but after awhile, I kind of felt that there was a camaraderie to it. It was cozy in a sort of "March of the Penguins" huddling-for-warmth kind of way." - Karen F.

"These are the BEST parties I have been to!!! the fact I waited in line did NOT matter. Had such a badass time, even if the heat got to me in the end. the best part??? I held the Prince impersonators guitar! shit like that never happens to me! rockstar!" - Claudia VM

"It's not just the music of the two great artists, it's the people and the fans who reflect them. And it all starts with the DJ bringing them all together. That's a good dude right there!" - Marco R.

"This was one of the best DJ sets and crowds ever. Everyone was grooving with a smile on their face, very polite and some of the best dancing, awesome background videos of Prince and Michael, and the best music. Much appreciated that people still enjoy really good music, know how to get down and have great manners too." - Lex W.

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